San Sebastian Film Festival 2019

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Camelia (Country: Mexico, Spain; Year: 1954; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Alexandre Dumas fils, José Arenas, Edmundo Báez, Roberto Gavaldón, Gregorio Walerstein; Stars: María Félix, Jorge Mistral, Carlos Navarro, Renée Dumas, Ramón Gay, Miguel Ángel Ferriz, Florencio Castelló, Manuel Arvide, Fernando Casanova, Carlos Múzquiz, Miguel Aceves Mejía, Eduardo Alcaraz, Jorge Alzaga, Armando Arriola, Daniel Arroyo)
Tale of a bullfighter and his star-crossed love of a famous actress.
Greata (Nausea) (Country: Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Gerard Gil , Jana Juberts)
Ivan is sad because his partner Merile has just left him. Alex has put up with him all night long while they partied. When the sun comes up they decide to go home, but something unexpected awaits them in the car.
In The Palm Of Your Hand (Country: Mexico; Year: 1951; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Luis Spota, José Revueltas, Roberto Gavaldón; Stars: Arturo de Córdova, Leticia Palma, Ramón Gay, Consuelo Guerrero de Luna, Enriqueta Reza, Manuel Arvide, Bertha Lehar, Lonka Becker, José Arratia, Nicolás Rodríguez, Guillermo Ramírez, Ignacio García, Carmen Montejo, Víctor Alcocer, Stephen Berne)
Jaime Karin is an astrologer and a scam artist, who uses his beauty salon worker wife to find out information on future wealthy clients, through her he learns that a millionaire Vittorio Romano died shortly after learning of his wife's infidelity. Karin befriends the woman and learns that she and her lover murdered her husband, now the woman claims to love the astrologer and wants him to help her get rid of her lover.
The Kneeling Goddess (La Diosa Arrodillada) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1947; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Edmundo Báez, Alfredo B. Crevenna, Tito Davison, Ladislas Fodor, Roberto Gavaldón, José Revueltas; Stars: María Félix, Arturo de Córdova, Rosario Granados, Fortunio Bonanova, Carlos Martínez Baena, Rafael Alcayde, Eduardo Casado, Luis Mussot, Carlos Villarías, Natalia Gentil Arcos, Paco Martínez, Rogelio Fernández, Alfredo Varela padre, José Arratia, Adolfo Ballano Bueno)
A rich industrialist becomes caught between his wife and his mistress.
Macario (Country: Mexico; Year: 1960; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: B. Traven, Emilio Carballido, Roberto Gavaldón; Stars: Ignacio López Tarso, Pina Pellicer, Enrique Lucero, Mario Alberto Rodríguez, José Gálvez, José Luis Jiménez, Eduardo Fajardo, Consuelo Frank, José Dupeyrón, Celia Tejeda, Pepé Marionetas y sus, Luis Aceves Castañeda, Miguel Arenas, Alfredo Wally Barrón, Queta Carrasco)
A peasant is befriended by 'Death' and given a water that can heal any disease... but his new powers attract unwanted attention.
Night Falls (La Noche Avanza) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1952; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Jesús Cárdenas, Roberto Gavaldón, José Revueltas, Luis Spota; Stars: Pedro Armendáriz, Anita Blanch, Rebeca Iturbide, Eva Martino, José María Linares-Rivas, Julio Villarreal, Armando Soto La Marina, Juan García, Carlos Múzquiz, Wolf Ruvinskis, Francisco Jambrina, Roberto Y. Palacios, Margarito Luna, Carlos Riquelme, Luis Mussot)
Marcos Arizmendi is an arrogant Basque pelota player accustomed to spreading his charm liberally among women. But a run-in with a bookie puts his life in danger.
The Other One (La Otra) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1946; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Stars: Dolores del Rio, Agustín Irusta, Víctor Junco, José Baviera, Conchita Carracedo)
María and Magdalena are twin sisters; one is a millionaire while the other is poor. María, the poor sister, kills her twin, recently widowed, in order to take her place. But the murderess will find herself with her back to the wall...
The Plot Of Land (La Barraca) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1945; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Libertad Blasco Ibáñez, Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Tito Davison, Paulino Masip, Abel Velilla; Stars: Domingo Soler, Anita Blanch, Amparo Morillo, José Baviera, Luana Alcañiz, Manolo Fábregas, Narciso Busquets, Manuel Noriega, Rafael Icardo, José Morcillo, Conchita Carracedo, Joaquín Roche hijo, Daniel Pastor, David Behar, Carlos Villarías)
In rural Valencia, a new family arrives to work the land and live in the farmhouse of a family who has lost both to a moneylender. Despite having nothing to do with the situation, the neighbours are hostile to the idea of others working the land that was once their own.
Rayando El Sol (Country: Mexico; Year: 1946; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Pascual García Peña, Tito Davison, Roberto Gavaldón; Stars: Pedro Armendáriz, Domingo Soler, David Silva, Enrique Zambrano, María Luisa Zea, Perla Aguiar, Eduardo Arozamena, Narciso Busquets, Cecilia Leger, Margarito Luna, Adolfo Ocaña, Irma Torres, David Valle González, Carlos Villarías, Pedro Armendáriz)
Raised as brothers on a ranch, two men, Pedro and Carlos, vie for the love of the same woman, Lupe.
Remember To Live (Acuérdate de vivir) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1953; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Edmundo Báez, Roberto Gavaldón, Mauricio Magdaleno, Alejandro Verbitzky, Gregorio Walerstein; Stars: Libertad Lamarque, Carmen Montejo, Miguel Torruco, Joaquín Cordero, Elda Peralta, Yolanda Varela, Luis Rodríguez, Tito Novaro, Dolores Camarillo, Juan Orraca Jr., Nicolás Rodríguez hijo, Bárbara Gil, Tito Junco, Armando Acosta, Daniel Arroyo)
Yolanda, a piano teacher, moves to the capital when the man she loves marries her sister by mistake. There she teaches in a kindergarten and moves in with the family of one of her pupils only for her former love to cause problems.
Rosaura Castro (Country: Mexico; Year: 1950; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Roberto Gavaldón, Robert Quigley, José Revueltas; Stars: Pedro Armendáriz, Carlos López Moctezuma, María Douglas, Carlos Navarro, Arturo Martínez, Mimí Derba, Enriqueta Reza, Antonio del Puerto, Rogelio Fernández, Isabel del Puerto, Conchita Gentil Arcos, Rosa María Ladrón de Guevara, Ignacio Villalbazo, Agustín Fernández, Salvador Godínez)
One of the candidates running for town mayor is murdered. The suspicions of the public prosecutor’s office fall on Rosauro Castro, the local despot.
Soledad's Shawl (El Rebozo De Soledad) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1952; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Roberto Gavaldón, Estela Inda, Javier López Ferrer, José Revueltas; Stars: Arturo de Córdova, Pedro Armendáriz, Estela Inda, Domingo Soler, Carlos López Moctezuma, Jaime Fernández, Gilberto González, Rogelio Fernández, José Baviera, Francisco Jambrina, José María Linares-Rivas, Manuel Arvide, Juan Orraca, Norma Jiménez Pons, Lupe Carriles)
A doctor who considers himself a failure, finds himself mixed up with a grateful woman after he returns to his hometown.
Untouched (Sombra Verde) (Country: Mexico; Year: 1954; Director: Roberto Gavaldón; Writer: Luis Alcoriza, Rafael García Travesi, Roberto Gavaldón, José Revueltas, Ramiro Torres Septien; Stars: Ricardo Montalban, Ariadne Welter, Víctor Parra, Jorge Martínez de Hoyos, Miguel Inclán, Jaime Fernández, Roberto G. Rivera, Enriqueta Reza, Ana María Villaseñor, Armando Arriola, José Chávez, Julio Daneri, José Luis Fernández, Francisco Jambrina, Inés Murillo)
A pharmaceutical employee on the hunt for a plant in the jungle, finds himself lost and on a strange romantic adventure.

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