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Our Nixon Our Nixon
Our Nixon and The Act Of Killing
The Act Of Killing (Country: Denmark, Norway, UK; Year: 2012; Director: Joshua Oppenheimer, Christine Cynn)
People responsible for the mass murder of suspeced Communists at the onset of the military regime in 1965 are challenged to restage their actions and question the pride they still take in them.
New York premiere
Anton's Right Here (Anton tut ryadom) (Country: Russia; Year: 2012; Director: Lyubov Arkus)
Documentary tracking the filmmaker's life as she becomes a care-giver for a boy with autism.
Documentary. North American premiere
Blue Caprice (Washington Snipers) (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Alexandre Moors; Writer: RFI Porto, Alexandre Moors; Stars: Isaiah Washington, Tequan Richmond, Joey Lauren Adams, Tim Blake Nelson, Cassandra Freeman, Leo Fitzpatrick)
Psychological drama about the men responsible for the Beltway sniper attacks.
Opening night. New York premiere
Burn It Up Djassa (Country: Cote d'Ivoire, France; Year: 2012; Director: Lonesome Solo; Stars: Abdoul Karim Konaté, Adelaïde Ouattara, Mamadou Diomandé, Souleymane Bamba)
A story of life, dance and poetry in the Wassakara slum just before the outbreak of war.
US Premiere
The Color Of The Chameleon (The Colour Of The Chameleon) (Country: Bulgaria; Year: 2012; Director: Emil Christov; Writer: Vladislav Todorov; Stars: Ruscen Vidinliev, Irena Milyankova, Rousy Chanev, Deyan Donkov, Samuel Finzi, Svetlana Yancheva)
A young misfit is recruited to infiltrate a book club as a spy, with comic consequences.
New York premiere
Blue Caprice Blue Caprice
Blue Caprice and Emperor Vists The Hell
Les Coquillettes (Country: France; Year: 2012; Director: Sophie Letourneur; Writer: Sophie Letourneur; Stars: Florence Alexandre, Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Louis Garrel, Camille Genaud, Carole Le Page, Sophie Letourneur, Mark Peranson)
A group of girls go wild at Locarno Film Festival
North American premiere
Die Welt (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2013; Director: Alex Pitstra; Writer: Thijs Gloger, Alex Pitstra, Abdallah Rezgui; Stars: Abdelhamid Nawara, Ilse Heus, Judith Van der Meulen, Mohsen Ben Hassen, Rahma Ben Hassen, Marwa Agrebi, Slim Al Amiri, Houcem Al Bib, Brahim Ben Ammar, Mehdi Ben Amor, Ons Bahri, Mariem Bedoui, Mohammed Hassine Belkhala, Kamel Ben Khalfa, Abdelmajid Bibasse)
Fiction/documentary hybrid, depicting Tunisia shortly after the 2011 Jasmine revolution.
North American premiere
Emperor Vists The Hell (Tang Huang You Di Fu) (Country: China, Canada; Year: 2012; Director: Li Lou; Stars: Li Wen, Wu Wei, Li Juchuan, Yang Xiao, Li Hao)
A powerful man who offends a divine messenger is condemned to an early death but told he can win a second chance if he can placate the ghosts of his enemies.
New York premiere
A Hijacking (Kapringen) (Country: Denmark; Year: 2012; Director: Tobias Lindholm; Writer: Tobias Lindholm; Stars: Pilou Asbæk, Søren Malling, Dar Salim)
A brutal drama about a ship hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean and the subsequent struggles for survival and freedom.
New York premiere
Hold Back (Rengaine) (Country: France; Year: 2012; Director: Rachid Djaidani; Writer: Rachid Djaidani; Stars: Slimane Dazi, Sabrina Hamida, Stéphane Soo Mongo, Nina Morato, Hakim Ammar Boudjelal, Mourad Hocine, Matisse Tiby, Mehdi Djaïdani, Jude Camilus, Brendan Backmann, Stéphane Riah, Kamel Zouaoui, Rachida Naceur, Marcelline Ngossoo Mongo, Gharib El Mezdari)
Low budget love story shot on the streets of Paris
US premiere
They Will Return They Will Return
They Will Return and The Color Of The Chameleon
The Interval (L’Intervallo) (Country: Italy, Switzerland; Year: 2012; Director: Leonardo di Costanzo; Writer: Leonardo di Costanzo, Mariangela Barbanente, Maurizio Braucci; Stars: Francesca Riso, Alessio Gallo, Carmine Paternoster)
A captive girl and the boy who is guarding her in an abandoned building gradually overcome mistrust and form a tentative bond.
New York premiere
Jards (Country: Brazil; Year: 2012; Director: Eryk Rocha)
Documentary portrait of Brazilian composer and musician Jards Macalé.
Documentary. North American premiere
Jiseul (Country: South Korea; Year: 2013; Director: Muel O; Writer: Muel O; Stars: Min-chul Sung, Jung-won Yang, Young-soon Oh, Soon-dong Park, Suk-bum Moon, Kyung-sub Jang.)
In 1948, as the Korean government ordered the Communists’ eviction to Jeju Island, the military invaded a calm and peaceful village. Townsfolk took sanctuary in a cave and debated moving to a higher mountain.
New York premiere
Lions (Leones) (Country: Argentina; Year: 2012; Director: Jazmín López; Writer: Jazmín López; Stars: Macarena del Corro, Tomas Mackinlay, Pablo Sigal, Diego Vegezzi, Julia Volpato)
Five young people are lost in a forest - and perhaps in time itself.
North American premiere
Mold (Küf) (Country: Turkey, Germany; Year: 2012; Director: Ali Aydin; Writer: Ali Aydin; Stars: Ercan Kesal, Muhammet Uzuner, Tansu Biçer, Ali Çoban, Serpil Goral)
An ageing railroad inspector spends his nights writing letters to try to track his missing son.
North American premiere
Viola Viola
Viola and Towheads
Our Nixon (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Penny Lane; Stars: Richard Nixon, H R Haldeman, John Ehrlichman, Dwight Chapin, Spiro Agnew, Neil Armstrong, Edward Cox, Walter Cronkite, John Denver, Phil Donahue, Daniel Ellsberg, Sam Ervin, Hubert H. Humphrey, Lyndon B. Johnson, John Kerry)
Super-8 film shot by Nixon's aides documenting the presidency.
Closing night. New York premiere
People's Park (Country: US; Year: 2012; Director: Libbie Dina Cohn, JP Sniadecki)
A single tracking shot captures life in the People's Park in Chengdu, China.
Documentary. New York premiere
The Shine Of Day (Der Glanz Des Tages) (Country: Austria; Year: 2012; Director: Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel; Stars: Walter Saabel, Philipp Hochmair, Vitali Leonti)
An encounter with a drifter reminds a young actor that life is not just a stage.
New York premiere
Soldate Jeannette (Soldier Jane) (Country: Austria; Year: 2013; Director: Daniel Hoesl; Writer: Daniel Hoesl; Stars: Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg, Christina Reichsthaler, Josef Kleindienst, Aurelia Burckhardt, Julia Schranz, Ines Rössl, Gerald Matt)
The language of fashion reveals disconnection in an improvised examination of modern life.
New York premiere
Stories We Tell (Country: Canada; Year: 2012; Director: Sarah Polley; Writer: Sarah Polley, Michael Polley; Stars: Michael Polley, Harry Gulkin, Susy Buchan, John Buchan, Mark Polley, Joanna Polley, Cathy Gulkin, Marie Murphy, Robert MacMillan, Anne Tait, Deirdre Bowen, Victoria Mitchell, Mort Ransen, Geoffrey Bowes, Tom Butler)
Sarah Polley investigates secrets in her own family.
Documentary. New York premiere
Soldate Jeannette Soldate Jeannette
Soldate Jeannette and Stories We Tell
They Will Return (Eles Voltam) (Country: Brazil; Year: 2012; Director: Marcelo Lordello; Writer: Marcelo Lordello; Stars: Maria Luiza Tavares, Geórgio Kokkosi, Elayne de Moura, Mauricéia Conceição, Jéssica Gomes de Brito, Irma Brown, Germano Haiut, Teresa Costa Rêgo, Clara Oliveira, Georgio Kokkosi)
Two children are mysteriously abandoned by their parents.
North American premiere
Tower (Country: Canada; Year: 2012; Director: Kazik Radwanski; Writer: Kazik Radwanski; Stars: Derek Bogart, Nicole Fairbairn, Deborah Sawyer)
An isolated, nerdy man with poor social skills embarks on a romantic relationship, but can it help him connect to the wider world?
New York premiere
Towheads (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Shannon Plumb; Writer: Shannon Plumb; Stars: Shannon Plumb, Derek Cianfrance, Cody Cianfrance, Walker Cianfrance, Lora Lee Gayer, Yinka Adeboyeku, Michael Massimino, Monika Stanislawek-Stribling, Alexandra Henrikson, Naomi Waring, Liza Cassidy, Neal Louie D'Avanzo, Leslie C. Nemet, Darren Whitfield, Jason Quarles)
A Brooklyn mother finds comic relief from domestic drudgery.
North American premiere
Upstream Color (Upstream Colour) (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Shane Carruth; Writer: Shane Carruth; Stars: Amy Seimetz, Shane Carruth, Andrew Sensenig, Thiago Martins)
A man and woman are drawn together as they try to reassemble their wrecked lives.
New York premiere
Viola (Country: Argentina; Year: 2012; Director: Matías Piñeiro; Stars: María Villar, Romina Paula, Agustina Muñoz, Elisa Carricajo, Esteban Bigliardi)
The lines between fiction and reality blur for an all-female Shakespeare troupe.
New York premiere

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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