127 Hours
The truer story of Aron Ralston, a climber who had to resort to desperate measures when trapped by a boulder.
13 Assassins
A retired samurai has to assemble a squad of assassins and set a town-sized trap.
A peculiar young boy, blurring reality and fantasy, assumes the responsibilities of a family man in his father's absence.
The American
An assassin tries to escape his past.
Another Year
Mike Leigh drama about family, friendship and ageing.
The Arbor
Avant-garde documentary exploring the life and legacy of Rita, Sue And Bob Too! playwright Andrea Dunbar.
Africa United
A group of children try to reach South Africa in time for the World Cup.
Set during the American-Philippine war as the head of a bario has to answer to both the Americans and the Filipino patriots, with deadly consequences.
Fractures appear in a family during an idyllic getaway.
A documentary charting the experiences of Danish soldiers in Afghanistan.
The Ballad Of Mott The Hoople
Mott the Hoople members Verden Allen, Dale Griffin, Mick Ralphs, Overend Watts and Ian Hunter tell the story of their band at a 2009 reunion gig.
Barcelona's underworld as seen through the eyes of a hustling single dad.
Black Swan
A psychological thriller set in the world of the New York City ballet.
Boudu Saved From Drowning
A suicidal tramp rescued from the Seine seduces his middle class saviour's wife and maid.
Blessed Events
A woman's life changes dramatically after she unexpectedly discovers that she's pregnant.
Blue Valentine
A couple love and lose.
The Book Of Masters
A young stonecutter is sent on a mission by an evil queen who intends to sacrifice the beautiful princess who has captured his heart.
The Bridge On The River Kwai
An exhausted group of prisoners of war are forced to build a bridge, yet keep their spirits high.
An ambulance-chasing lawyer forms a relationship with a young doctor.
Carlos The Jackal
A biopic of the mercenary soldier and assassin Carlos the Jackal, his shifting interests in politics and money and his bid to go down in history as a hero.
Cold Fish
An innocent tropical fish salesman gets caught up in a series of murders in this violent and extremely gory thriller.
Cold Water Of The Sea
A couple on a trip to the beach have an unexpected encounter with a runaway child.
Based on a true story, this drama tells of a sister's struggle to prove her brother's innocence.


Elisa K
The effect of childhood abuse on a young girl, both at the time and in later life.
End Of Animal
A young woman seeks the help of a mysterious stranger after the sudden failure of all electricity leaves her stranded in an instantly dog eat dog world.
Essential Killing
An interrogated man goes on the run.
Everything Must Go
Tale of a middle-aged suburbanite whose life is crumbling.
A Family
A Danish woman's planned move to New York is complicated by the discovery that she is pregnant and her father is dying.
The passage of time in an elderly house.
Film Socialisme
A group of passengers on a cruise ship wrestle with existential questions.
Fire In Babylon
A documentary about the golden age of West Indian cricket.
The First Grader
The story of an 84-year-old Kenyan man's fight for education and equality.
Guilty Pleasures
A documentary about a convention for romance novel enthusiasts who dream of making the Mills & Boone story come true.
Happy Few
Life becomes complicated when two respectable Parisian couples decide to start sleeping together.
Two close friends find the bond between them tested when both fall in love with the same man.
The story of Allen Ginsberg’s ground-breaking poem is told through a mixture of reconstruction and animation.
How I Ended This Summer
A youngster on a remote Arctic research station engages in a series of deadly deceptions.


Inside Job
Documentary examining the US economic meltdown, which suggests it was no accident.
It's Kind Of A Funny Story
A New York teenager with suicidal tendencies strikes up friendships when he finds himself placed on the hospital’s adult psychiatric ward.
It's Your Fault
When a single mother takes her injured son to the hospital, the suspicions she encounters turn her world upside down.
Sexual awakening and conspiracy in southern California.
The Kids Are All Right
The children of a lesbian couple hunt down their biological dad with comic results.
The King's Speech
The relationship between King George VI and an unconventional Australian speech therapist.
Life, Above All
A 12-year-old girl struggles to protect her family as her stepfather descends into alcoholism and her mother becomes increasingly ill, in a small town full of prejudice and hostility.
Living On Love Alone
A relationship with a daring young actor offers a young woman escape from the tedium of her nine to five job.
Let Me In
A lonely boy meets a strange girl with a dark secret.


An anarchic comedy in which a retired abbatoir worker takes to the road on his Mammuth motorbike in search of the paperwork he needs to get his pension.
Meek's Cutoff
Drama tracks a wagon train on the 1840s Oregon Trail.
Never Let Me Go
Adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro's best-selling novel about love and loss.
The Nine Muses
A poetic exploration of mass immigration in postwar Britain.
Story of a boy who finds growing up in Glasgow in the Seventies is tough.
Nothing's All Bad
Four troubled, lonely people gradually find themselves connected through a series of coincidences in a film which blends dark comedy with touching insight.
Of Gods And Men
Based on a true incident, the film is set in a Cistercian monastery in North Africa in the 1990s, where eight French monks live in cordial harmony with the local population... and what happens when violence encroaches.
The Parking Lot Movie
A documentary about parking lot attendants, their feelings about their job, and their theories about other aspects of life.
The Peddler
A documentary about a self-taught filmmaker visiting a small town in search of a cast and crew for his latest b-movie.
Pink Saris
Low-caste women in Uttar Pradesh fight back against social injustice in this documentary.
The Pipe
A documentary about a County Mayo campaign against the laying of a new Shell oil pipeline.
Pandora's Box
A beautiful young woman exploits her sexuality to enjoy freedom and power in 1880s London.
A grandmother discovers poetry and begins to reassess the world around her.
The Princess Of Montpensier
A story of forbidden love set against the religious wars between Catholics and Protestants in the 16th century. Plus, read our with Bertrand Tavernier.


Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
A mysterious excavation awakens something sinister in the vicinity of an isolated northern Finnish settlement.
Route Irish
One man’s search for the truth behind the death of his best friend leads him into the murky underworld of contracted military mercenaries in Iraq.
Sawako Decides
A young woman struggles to save her family's ailing clam-packing business.
Silent Souls
Two friends travel across Russia hoping to bury the dead wife of one of them where she and her husband spent their honeymoon.
Smash His Camera
Documentary about the 'original' paparazzo, Ron Galella.
An actor finds his booze-laden life transformed by the arrival of his estranged young daughter.
Foul-mouthed, musical coming-of-age tale
An imaginative 15-year-old is as interested in losing his virginity as he is in saving his parents’ marriage. Plus read our interview with Richard Ayoade.
Two men struggle to escape a childhood of neglect.
Surviving Life
Eugene prefers a life of dreams to everyday reality in surrealist animator Jan Švankmajer's extension of one of his own dreams.
A documentary about a former beauty queen alleged to have raped a Mormon missionary with whom she was infatuated.
The Taqwacores
A good young Muslim boy moves into a house where punk turns the tables on everything he thought he knew about Islam.
Thomas Mao
When a Westerner comes to stay in the guest room of a shepherd's house, an unlikely friendship develops.
Treacle Jr
Homeless after walking out on his family, a confused man finds himself dependent on an unusual couple.
The Trip
A comic road trip through the north of England.


Waste Land
Portrait of garbage pickers in Rio who participated in a project with artist Vik Muniz.
West Is West
Sequel to East is East, in which the family return to their roots in Pakistan.
Winter Vacation
A deadpan comedy about the last day of the holidays and the first day back at school in Inner Mongolia.

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