The Night Before The Exams The Night Before The Exams

This touring festival celebrating the best of Italian cinema is now screening at the Edinburgh Filmhouse (until Nov 29), London Riverside Studios (until Nov 25), Manchester Cornerhouse (until Nov and Glasgow Film Theatre (until Nov 29), it will call at Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (from Nov 23 to 29), Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff (from Nov 23 to 29), London's Renoir Cinema (Nov 23 to 27)and Manchester Cornerhouse (Nov 21).

Currently celebrating its 14th edition, special events include Signore and Signore: Leading Ladies In Italian Cinema and guests in attendance will include the Taviani brothers and Marina Spada.

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Saturn In Opposition
Saturn In Opposition
A group of friends in Rome discover than happiness is transient and grief a great healer.
N (Napoleon And Me)
N (Napoleon And Me)
When Boney went to Elba...
The Lark Farm
The Lark Farm
Massacre of Armenians in Turkey during the First World War.
The Night Before The Exams
The Night Before The Exams
Sparky high school comedy romp in old school fashion.
The Orchestra Of Piazza Vittorio
The Orchestra Of Piazza Vittorio
Documentary charting two men on a mission to found a multi-ethnic orchestra.
Salvatore - Questa E La Vita
Salvatore - Questa E La Vita
A young boy has to bring home the bacon after he is orphaned.

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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