Black Gold
A documentary examining the inequities of the coffee trade.
Carla's List
Documentary about the pursuit of war criminals in the former Yugoslavia.


Days Of Glory
Four North African men join the French army to fight the Nazis, but will their deeds be remembered?
The Devil Came On Horseback
One man's mission to tell the world about genocide in Sudan.
El Violin
An old violinist tries to help his son's guerrilla faction.
Enemies Of Happiness
Sundance award-winning documentary about Malalai Joya's campaign to be elected to the Afghanistan parliament.
Ghosts Of Abu Ghraib
Documentary investigation into the torture scandal at Abu Ghraib prison.
Hot House
Sundance award-winning exploration of the rising tide of Palestinian leadership within Israel's jails.


John & Jane
A documentary about Indian call centre workers.
Exploration of the dark ironies surrounding Austria's Mauthausen concentration camp.
The Lives Of Others
East German secret police spy on a playwright and follow the course of his life over a number of years.


My Country, My Country
The 2005 elections seen through the eyes of an ordinary Iraqi man.
Documentary about Iran's female footie fans.


The Railroad All-Stars
Documentary about Guatemalan sex workers who formed a successful football team.
The Refugee All Stars
A documentary about a band formed by refugees from the conflict in Sierra Leone.
Documentary about a Nicaraguan girl aged nine who gets pregnant after being raped and has to fight for an abortion.
Suffering And Smiling
Documentary about musician and political activist Femi Kuti and the legacy of his father's push for a better life for the people of Nigeria.
Total Denial
Fighting the multinationals in Burma through US courts.


The final part of Mehta's elementary trilogy about India.
We'll Never Meet Childhood Again
Documentary charting children who have grown up with HIV in Romania and the extraordinary people who have looked after them.
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
The budding years of the IRA as country boys oppose the brutal suppression of the Black & Tans

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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