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A Dog Barking At The Moon A Dog Barking At The Moon
A Dog Barking At The Moon and Clementine
Clementine (Country: US; Year: 2019; Director: Lara Jean Gallagher; Writer: Lara Jean Gallagher; Stars: Otmara Marrero, Sydney Sweeney, Will Brittain, Sonya Walger.)
Reeling from a one-sided break-up, heartbroken Karen breaks into her ex’s lakehouse. There, she strikes up a complicated relationship with provocative younger woman Lana.
A Dog Barking At The Moon (Country: China, Spain; Year: 2019; Director: Lisa Zi Xiang; Writer: Lisa Zi Xiang; Stars: Naren Hua, Nan Ji, Naren Hua, Nan Ji)
A Chinese family saga, told in different periods of time, commencing with the wife’s discovery of her husband’s homosexuality.
Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) (Country: Australia; Year: 2019; Director: Monica Zanetti; Writer: Monica Zanetti)
In this romcom, Ellie’s dead aunt has the perfect dating advice for her. But will she listen to it?
Jack & Yaya (Country: US; Year: 2019; Director: Jen Bagley; Writer: Mary Hewey)
A year in the lives of childhood best friends who go from swapping gendered Christmas gifts as kids to transitioning in their twenties.
Justine (Country: UK; Year: 2020; Director: Jamie Patterson; Writer: Jamie Patterson)
A young woman struggles with her demons.
Two Of Us Two Of Us
Two Of Us and The Prince
The Lawyer (Country: Lithuania; Year: 2019; Director: Romas Zabarauskas)
A gentle romantic drama.
Lingua Franca (Country: US, Philippines; Year: 2019; Director: Isabel Sandoval; Writer: Isabel Sandoval; Stars: Eamon Farren, Lynn Cohen, Lev Gorn, Mark Nelson, P.J. Boudousqué, Shiloh Verrico, Ari Barkan, Ivory Aquino, Megan Channell, Matthew James Ballinger, Deema Aitken, Isabel Sandoval, Roman Blat, Brett Bartholomew, Earl Weathers)
An undocumented Filipino transgender woman, who works as a caregiver in Brooklyn, develops a connection with the grandson of her employer.
Matthias And Maxime (Country: Canada; Year: 2019; Director: Xavier Dolan; Writer: Xavier Dolan; Stars: Harris Dickinson, Xavier Dolan, Anne Dorval)
The story of two friends.
Memories Of A Teenager (Country: Argentina; Year: 2020; Director: Lucas Santa Ana; Writer: Lucas Santa Ana)
An Argentine teenager finds life and love difficult following the death of his gay best friend.
Moffie (Country: South Africa, UK; Year: 2019; Director: Oliver Hermanus; Writer: Oliver Hermanus, Jack Sidey; Stars: Matt Ashwell, Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers, Hilton Pelser, Shaun Chad Smit, Stefan Vermaak, Matthew Vey, Matt Ashwell, Kai Luke Brummer, Ryan de Villiers, Hilton Pelser, Shaun Chad Smit, Stefan Vermaak, Matthew Vey)
Drama following a conscript through his military service in the South African Defence Force in the 1980s.
Matthias And Maxime Matthias And Maxime
Matthias And Maxime and Moffie
Monsoon (Country: UK; Year: 2019; Director: Hong Khaou; Writer: Hong Khaou; Stars: Henry Golding, Parker Sawyers, David Tran, Molly Harris, Nguyen Myan, Lâm Vissay, Edouard Leo, Henry Golding, Parker Sawyers, David Tran, Molly Harris, Nguyen Myan, Lâm Vissay, Edouard Leo)
A British Vietnamese man, returns to Saigon for the first time in over 30 years, after fleeing during the Vietnam-American War.
My Fiona (Country: US; Year: 2019; Director: Kelly Walker; Writer: Kelly Walker)
Grief draws out unexpected emotions and new beginnings.
The Prince (El Principe) (Country: Chile, Argentina, Belgium; Year: 2019; Director: Sebastián Muñoz; Writer: Luis Barrales, Sebastián Muñoz; Stars: Sebastián Ayala, Lucas Balmaceda, Alfredo Castro, Jaime Leiva, Juan Carlos Maldonado, Catalina Martin, Gastón Pauls, Cesare Serra, Paola Volpato, Nicolás Zárate, Paula Zúñiga, Sebastián Ayala, Lucas Balmaceda, Alfredo Castro, Jaime Leiva)
After being jailed for killing his best friend, a man meets a respected gangster who he looks to for acceptance.
Suk Suk (Country: Hong Kong; Year: 2019; Director: Ray Yeung; Writer: Ray Yeung; Stars: Tai-Bo, Ben Yuen, Patra Au, Lo Chun Yip, Kong To, Yiu-Sing Lam, Hiu Yee Wong, Yixin Hu, Lau Ting Kwan, Wai-Keung Chu, Patrick Lam)
A portrait of a gay relationship between two grandfathers who meet by chance.
T11 Incomplete (Country: US; Year: 2019; Director: Suzanne Guacci; Writer: Suzanne Guacci)
Past mistakes haunt the present and threaten a new love affair between an older woman and her patient.
Two Of Us (Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium; Year: 2019; Director: Filippo Meneghetti; Stars: Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier, Léa Drucker, Jérôme Varanfrain, Daniel Trubert, Hervé Sogne, Tara Klassen, Eugénie Anselin, Véronique Fauconnet, Aude-Laurence Clermont Biver, Denis Jousselin, Alice Lagarde, Éric Gigout, Barbara Sukowa, Martine Chevallier)
Two retired women, who have been in a secret relationship for decades, find their relationship turned upside down when the truth begins to come out.
Young Hunter (Country: Argentina; Year: 2020; Director: Marco Berger; Writer: Marco Berger)
A lonely teenager gets more than he bargained for when he meets an older boy at the skate park.

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