Sheffield DocFest 2024

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Devo Devo
Devo and Eno
Blur: To The End (Country: UK; Year: 2024; Director: Toby L)
Portrait of the band as they prepare an album.
Devo (Country: US, UK; Year: 2024; Director: Chris Smith; Stars: Mark Mothersbaugh)
Born in response to the Kent State massacre, new wave band Devo took their concept of "de-evolution" from cult following to near–rock star status with groundbreaking 1980 hit Whip It while preaching an urgent social commentary.
Eno (Year: 2024; Director: Gary Hustwit)
Visionary musician and artist Brian Eno - known for producing David Bowie, U2, Talking Heads, among many others; pioneering the genre of ambient music; and releasing over 40 solo and collaboration albums - reveals his creative processes in this groundbreaking generative documentary: a film that’s different every time it’s shown.
Googoosh - Made Of Fire (Country: UK; Year: 2024; Director: Martin Read)
Documentary about prisoners incarcerated indefinitely under public protection orders.
Haiyu - Rebel Singer Mariem Hassan and the Struggle for a Free Western Sahara (Country: Sweden, Western Sahara; Year: 2024; Director: Alex Veitch, Brahim B. Ali, Mohamedsalem Werad, Anna Klara Åhrén)
Documentary interweaves Mariem Hassan’s music and her personal quest for her country’s independence.
Hakeem (Year: 2024; Director: DEADHORSES)
Chronicle of a musician's life after he wins a guitar in a prison raffle.
Harder Than The Rock (Country: UK; Year: 2024; Director: Mark Warmington)
Story of the Cimarons.
Mogwai: If The Stars Had A Sound (Country: UK; Year: 2024; Director: Antony Crook; Stars: Dominic Aitchison, Stuart Braithwaite, Martin Bulloch, Barry Burns, Tony Doogan, Dave Fridmann, Douglas Gordon, Paul Savage)
Profile of the band.
Teaches Of Peaches (Country: Germany; Year: 2024; Director: Philipp Fussenegger, Judy Landkammer; Stars: Peaches, Leslie Feist, Chilly Gonzales, Shirley Manson, Charlie Le Mindu)
Documentary charts the journey of Canadian Merrill Nisker into the internationally acclaimed cultural powerhouse that is Peaches.

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