Sheffield DocFest 2024

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The Flats The Flats
The Flats and The Mother Of All Lies
Atomic People (Country: Japan, UK, US; Year: 2024; Director: Benedict Sanderson, Megumi Inman)
Documentary featuring testimony from the survivors of atomic bombs dropped on Japan.
Death Without Mercy (Country: UK; Year: 2024; Director: Waad Alkateab)
Documentary charting the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Syria and Turkey in February 2023.
Don't Forget To Remember (Country: Ireland; Year: 2024; Director: Ross Killeen)
A documentary which explores the fragility of memory and the lived experience of Alzheimer's whilst also celebrating a family's life lived together.
The Flats (Country: France, Belgium, Ireland, UK; Year: 2024; Director: Alessandra Celesia; Writer: Alessandra Celesia; Stars: Jolene Burns, Joe McNally, Sean Parker, Rita Overend, Angie B Campbell, Gerard Magee)
Joe and his Belfast neighbors reenact childhood memories from the violent Troubles era in their Catholic district, exploring the collective experiences that shaped their lives and community.
In The Shade Of The Hills (A l'ombre des collines) (Country: France; Year: 2024; Director: Anne Jochum, Laëtitia Gaudin Le Puil)
An organisation founded by a survivor of the Rwandan genocide employs creativity and art to help children and vulnerable parents, and to prevent history repeating itself.
Life On The Edge (Country: Greenland, UK; Year: 2024; Director: Sebastian Feehan, Johnny Langenheim)
An Inuit educator navigates the stunning landscapes of Greenland as he seeks to help people in their struggles with mental health.
The Mother Of All Lies (Country: Morocco, France, Qatar; Year: 2023; Director: Asmae El Moudir)
The filmmaker doesn’t have any pictures of herself as a child. This is the starting point of a documentary investigation that unfolds the secrets of a Casablanca family.
Our Land, Our Freedom (Country: US, Kenya, Portugal, Germany; Year: 2023; Director: Zippy Kimundu, Meena Nanji; Writer: Zippy Kimundu, Meena Nanji)
Wanjugu Kimathi is on a mission to find the remains of her father, Mau Mau leader Dedan Kimathi, and to resettle his comrades, who were displaced by colonialists.
Sugarcane (Country: US, Canada; Year: 2024; Director: Emily Kassie, Julian Brave NoiseCat)
An investigation into abuse and missing children at an Indian residential school ignites a reckoning on the nearby Sugarcane Reserve.
Where Dragons Live (Waar Draken Wonen) (Country: Netherlands, UK; Year: 2024; Director: Suzanne Raes)
Following the death of their parents, Harriet and her siblings must unpack their childhood fears as they prepare to sell their dragon-filled Oxfordshire home.
Witnesses. Captivity That Kills (Country: Ukraine; Year: 2024; Director: Maryna Roshchyna, Tetyana Symon)
This investigation into the explosion that killed Russian-held Ukrainian prisoners highlights the importance of recording atrocities as wars still rage

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