The 2023 edition of the popular Los Angeles genre festival has a fantastic line-up of classics alongside some of the highlights of this year's festival crop.

The festival runs from 26 September to 10 October.

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Anatomy Of A Fall
Anatomy Of A Fall
A woman is accused of her husband's murder.
Last Straw
Last Straw
Miscommunication and a lack of empathy cause events to spiral out of control as a young waitress finds herself in the centre of a murder spree.
The Royal Hotel
The Royal Hotel
US backpackers Hanna and Liv take a job in a remote Australian pub for some extra cash and are confronted with a bunch of unruly locals and a situation that grows rapidly out of their control.
When Evil Lurks
When Evil Lurks
In a remote village, two brothers find a demon-infected man just about to give birth to evil itself. They decide to get rid of the man but merely succeed in helping him to deliver the inferno.
An ominous mixtape blends never before seen snuff footage with nightmarish newscasts and disturbing home video to create a surreal, analogue mashup of the forgotten Eighties.
The Creator
The Creator
A post-apocalyptic thriller involving a future impacted by a war between humans and AI.
To Fire You Come At Last
To Fire You Come At Last
In rural 17th century England, a group of men gather to carry a coffin on the long walk to the local graveyard for burial. A great deal of ancient folklore and superstition surrounds the pathway to the church, and several of the party are afraid to walk it after dark.
Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life Of Cliff Twemlow
Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life Of Cliff Twemlow
Polymath Twemlow was a nightclub bouncer, novelist, composer, singer, screenwriter, producer and actor, who for a decade was the most prolific indie filmmaker in the UK! Witness how this 20th century Renaissance man created his own innovative micro-film industry in Manchester.
Enter The Clones Of Bruce Lee
Enter The Clones Of Bruce Lee
A documentary about the men drafted in to fill the gap and keep audiences happy after the death of cinema's greatest martial arts star.
Hostile Dimensions
Hostile Dimensions
Two documentary filmmakers traverse alternate dimensions, confronting nightmares to uncover the truth behind a graffiti artist’s disappearance who seems to have vanished into thin air. These dimensions mix the ordinary with the bizarre - a hilly idyll is thrown off kilter by whales floating across the skies.
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Beyond Fest Features

A film of two halves
Alan Scott Neal and Taylor Sardoni on writing and shooting Last Straw
When Hollywood met Manchester
Jake West on the story behind Mancunian Man: The Legendary Life Of Cliff Twemlow
Violence as narrative
Xavier Gens on balancing action and emotion in Farang
Off the map
Barnaby Clay on capturing intensity and eternity in The Seeding
Bodily pleasures
Joe Lynch on Lovecraft, sex, horror and comedy in Suitable Flesh
Within the silences
Paris Zarcilla and Chi Thai discuss the legacy of colonialism and Raging Grace
Something in the trees
Teresa Sutherland on filming in the forest and Lovely, Dark, And Deep
Not just anybody
Zach Clark on body snatching, special effects and The Becomers
After the eclipse
Scott Haze on the wilderness, stunts and The Seeding
Caligula and the Emperor’s New Clothes
'Irresistible mix of art and genitals' receives a new edit in Cannes

59th New York Film Festival early bird highlights Futura, Jane By Charlotte, James Baldwin: From Another Place and The Velvet Underground

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