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After The Credits (Country: Australia; Year: 2010; Director: Josh Lawson; Writer: Josh Lawson; Stars: Toby Schmitz, Robin McLeavy, Nicholas Brown, Maya Stange, Travis Cotton, Eliza Logan, Nick Simpson-Deeks, Josh Lawson, Laura Hughes, Hayden Wells)
We’ve seen it a hundred times before- boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back, and they live happily ever after. Until the credits roll. And AFTER that, it’s a completely different story.
Cockatoo (Country: Australia; Year: 2012; Director: Matthew Jenkin; Writer: Matthew Jenkin; Stars: Matilda Brown, Alan Dukes, Kate Worsley)
On the sixth month anniversary of his break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Michael decides to celebrate by ordering a girl from an agency and tries to recreate his failed relationship. Sometimes it's best to let sleeping birds lie.
Eli The Invincible (Country: Australia; Year: 2011; Director: Miranda Nation; Writer: Miranda Nation; Stars: Michael Logo, Slavko Zwirn, Mohamad Taha, Elijah Logo)
The story of Eli, a good kid in a violent world, who is forced to choose between brutality and betrayal.
From Here (Country: Australia; Year: 2012; Director: Nick Waterman; Writer: Nick Waterman; Stars: Miia Forbes, Julie Hamilton, Benjamin Hoetjes)
Disconnected by time but not emotion, a young man calls his dying grandmother to say goodbye.
Nullarbor (Country: Australia; Year: 2011; Director: Alister Lockhart, Patrick Sarell; Writer: Alister Lockhart, Patrick Sarell), Trailer
An animated road rage story set on Australia's Nullarbor Plain.
The Op Shop (Country: Australia; Year: 2011; Director: Lee Rogers; Writer: Christopher Gist; Stars: Janet Foye, Keith Gordon, Isabel Harkensee, Joy Westmore)
It came in a box. No name. No job description. Just a strange donation that three women at an op shop were determined to sell for $3.50. But then… they unlock the mystery.
A Tale Of Obsession (Country: Australia; Year: 2011; Director: Dave Wade; Writer: Dave Wade; Stars: Alexandra Blue, Reece Horner, Deanna Ortuso, Brittany Plummer)
A deliciously black comedy following the story of an intense young girl who pursues her every desire.
Two Laps (Country: Australia, UK; Year: 2010; Director: Owen Trevor; Writer: Owen Trevor; Stars: Sue Honeybrook, Graham Rouse, Bill Young)
Two friends. One race. Two laps. No prisoners. Showing with The Hunter at FilmFest Australia.

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