Mostra De Valencia 2019

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18 Days (Country: Egypt; Year: 2011; Director: Maryam Abu-Of, Kamlah Abu-Zikri, Muhammad Ali, Sharif Arafah, Ahmad Ala El-Dib, Sherif Elbendary, Marwan Hamed, Khalid Marie, Yusri Nasrullah, Ahmad Abdalla; Writer: Aboelhassan Abbas, Ahmad Abdalla, Nasser Abdel-Rahmane, Maryam Abu-Of, Sharif Arafah, Sherif Elbendary, Belal Fadl, Belal Fadl, Tamer Habib, Ahmed Helmy, Atef Nashed, Yusri Nasrullah; Stars: Ahmed Helmy, Amr Waked, Mona Zaki, Asser Yassin, Hind Sabri, Youssra, Eyad Nassar, Bassem Samra, Ahmad El-Fishawi, Amy Samir Ghanem, Salwa Mohamed Ali, Ahmed Dawood, Hany El Sabagh, Nahed El Sebaï, Amr El-Saeed)
A collaborative film comprised of different independent short films reflecting what happened during the 18 days of the Arab Spring in Cairo’s Tahrir Square.
Cut And Paste (Country: Egypt; Year: 2006; Director: Hala Khalil; Stars: Fathi Abdulwahhab, Hanan Turk, Sawsan Badr, Sherif Mounir, Marwa Mahran, Hanan Motawie, Yasser Eltobgy, Ashraf Sarhan, Ahmed Shom, Fathi Abdulwahhab, Hanan Turk, Sawsan Badr, Sherif Mounir, Marwa Mahran, Hanan Motawie)
A couple in their thirties who wish to leave Egypt make a pact to try to leave together, but their idea does not go to plan.
Coming Forth By Day (Al-khoroug Lel-nahar) (Country: Egypt, United Arab Emirates; Year: 2012; Director: Hala Lotfy; Stars: Donia Maher, Salma Al-Najjar, Ahmed Loutfi)
A young woman resigned to life as a carer glimpses a different way of living during a rare evening out.
A Day For Women (Yom Lel Setat) (Country: Egypt; Year: 2016; Director: Kamla Abouzekri; Writer: Hanaa Attia; Stars: Elham Shahin, Mahmoud Hemeda, Nelly Karim, Ayad Nassar, Farouk El Fishawy, Ahmed El Fishawy, Ahmed Dawood, Nahed El Sebaee, Hala Sedki, Ragaa Hussein)
Worlds collide when Sunday is decreed a day for women at the local swimming pool.
Jesus (Boku Wa Iesu-Sama Ga Kirai) (Country: Japan; Year: 2018; Director: Hiroshi Okuyama; Writer: Hiroshi Okuyama; Stars: Yura Sato, Riki Okuma)
Yura is a young boy whose family leaves Tokyo to live with his grandmother in the snowy countryside. Not only must he fit in at a new school, but it's a Christian one. At first he is puzzled when he and his classmates are called to ‘worship’, but he gradually adjusts to his new environment. One day, in the middle of a prayer, he sees a very small Jesus appear before him. Each wish Yura makes to Jesus comes true, and he starts to have faith in the power of the Lord.
Nawara (Country: Egypt; Year: 2015; Director: Hala Khalil; Writer: Hala Khalil; Stars: Menna Shalabi, Ameer Salah Eldin, Ahmed Rateb, Mahmood Hemaidah, Sherine Reda, Aboelhassan Abbas, Rahmah Hasan, Ragaa Hussein, Ahmad Magdy, Shaimaa Saif, Menna Shalabi, Ameer Salah Eldin, Ahmed Rateb, Mahmood Hemaidah, Sherine Reda)
The situation of a humble woman who works as a household employee in a luxurious residence changes after the events that take place in Egypt during the spring of 2011.
One-Zero (Country: Egypt; Year: 2009; Director: Kamla Abu Zekry; Writer: Mariam Naoom; Stars: Khaled Abol Naga, Ilham Shaheen, Nelly Karim, Ahmed El Feshawy, Entessar, Zeina, Lotfi Labieb, Hussien El Imam, Aida Riad, Kamel El Sherif)
Eight characters, one day and one footy match in Cairo.
Villa 69 (Country: Egypt; Year: 2013; Director: Ayten Amin; Writer: Muhammad El-Hajj, Mahmoud Ezzat; Stars: Kal Naga, Lebleba, Arwa Gouda, Omar El Ghandour, Heba Yousry, Khairy Beshara, Sally Abed, Youssra El Hawary, Muhammad El-Hajj, Fadel Al Gargy, Emad Maher, Amgad Reyad, Sedky Sakhr, Amr Salama, Kal Naga)
An architect with a terminal illness, who lives alone and is happy in his circumstances, is forced to change his daily routine when his sister and grandson move in with him.
Women Who Loved Cinema (Country: Egypt; Year: 2002; Director: Marianne Khoury; Writer: Marianne Khoury; Stars: Nadia Wassef, Nadia Wassef)
Documentary based on archival material and interviews about women filmmakers who changed the Egyptian film industry in the Twenties and Thirties.

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