D’A Festival Internacional de Cine D'Autor de Barcelona 2015

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La Maladie Blanche La Maladie Blanche
La Maladie Blanche and Under The Skin
Androids Dream (Sueñan los androides) (Country: Germany, Spain; Year: 2014; Director: Ion De Sosa; Writer: Ion de Sosa, Jorge Gil Munarriz, Chema García Ibarra; Stars: Manolo Marín, Moisés Richart, Marta Bassols, Coque Sánchez, Margot Sánchez, Óscar de la Huerga, César Velasco, Begoña Alarcón, Eva Swoboda, Begoña Jiménez Velasco, Pilar López Cepeda, Harold Delgado, Ahmed Rizwan, Hermina Ruiz, Antonia del Río)
Benidorm, 2052.
Avant Pétalos Grillados (Country: Spain; Year: 2007; Director: Velasco Broca; Writer: Velasco Broca; Stars: Silvio Samuel Saviour, Juan Antonio Herreruela, Juan Benito Bellón, Juan Romero Rondón, Bárbara Mingo, Arthur Rowshan, Antonio Ruiz Montero, Iván Rivera Gómez, Antonio Javier Huerta, Regis Miskiz, Cormac Regan)
An institution for the disabled, frequented by bodybuilders, is invaded by alien creatures.
Chigger Ale (Country: Ethiopia, Spain; Year: 2013; Director: Fanta Ananas; Writer: Fanta Ananas; Stars: Daniel Tadesse)
One night a pintpot Hitler clone goes to Fendika, a grassroots tavern in Addis Ababa...
Crumbs (Country: Spain, Finland, Ethiopia; Year: 2015; Director: Miguel Llansó; Writer: Miguel Llansó; Stars: Daniel Tadesse, Selam Tesfaye, Quino Piñero, Mengistu Berhanu, Getu Fixa, Shitay Abreha)
When the spaceship in the sky begins to reactivate, Candy sets off on a quest across a post- apocalyptic Ethiopian landscape to ask Father Christmas to grant him his heart's desire.
Frozen Man (El hombre congelado) (Country: Uruguay, Antarctica; Year: 2014; Director: Carolina Campo Lupo; Writer: Carolina Campo Lupo)
Naval soldiers slowly disappear in an Antarctic landscape.
Crumbs Crumbs
Crumbs and Noah's Ark
La Maladie Blanche (Country: France; Year: 2011; Director: Christelle Lheureux; Writer: Christelle Lheureux; Stars: Myrtille Bonnenfant, Manuel Vallade, Clémentine Poidatz, Naïty Escot, Bob Escot, Jacques Blanco, Katya Bonnenfant, Daniel San Martin)
In an isolated village in the Pyrenees, the nocturnal world entangles stories of shadow puppets, magic mirrors, and prehistoric paintings for a father and his young daughter.
Noah's Ark (Country: Spain; Year: 2014; Director: Adán Aliaga, David Valero; Writer: Adán Aliaga, David Valero; Stars: Fran Gomis, Miguel Chillón, Alicia Santonja, Eva Torregrosa, Morgan Blasco, Alfonso M. Carrasco, Ricardo Pastor, Carmen Monteagudo)
In Spain 2020, two security guards suddenly lose their jobs and join forces to build a machine to escape the world of economic crisis.
Under The Skin (Country: UK; Year: 2013; Director: Jonathan Glazer; Writer: Walter Campbell, Jonathan Glazer based on the novel by Michel Faber; Stars: Scarlett Johansson, Paul Brannigan, Krystof Hádek, Jessica Mance, Scott Dymond, Joe Szula, Michael Moreland, Lee Fanning, Ben Mills, Lynsey Taylor Mackay, Jeremy McWilliams, Gerry Goodfellow, Adam Pearson, Oscar Mills, Stephen Horn)
An alien in human form takes a roadtrip across Scotland.
Young Ones (Country: US; Year: 2014; Director: Jake Paltrow; Writer: Jake Paltrow; Stars: Nicholas Hoult, Elle Fanning, Michael Shannon, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Alex McGregor, Andy McPhee, Aimee Mullins, Robert Hobbs, Carel Nel, Liah O'Prey)
When a series of events is set into motion, altering his young life forever, Jerome is forced to make choices that no child should ever have to make.

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