Two Brothers

Two Brothers

DVD Rating: ***1/2

Reviewed by: Emma Slawinski

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A very comprehensive DVD package comprises the original movie trailer, featurettes with interesting content about special effects, production and filming, and how director, cast and crew got results of astonishing complexity from the large cast of real and animatronic animals.

A documentary about tigers in the wild, with a sober but sensitive commentary from Guy Pearce draws attention to the plight of the big cat, as well as providing a "complete intimate portrait" of the animal. We get outtakes of the cute tiger cubs playing, too - there's plenty to tug at the heartstrings if the movie itself didn't elicit enough cooing.

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The movie commentary from director Jean-Jacques Annaud is thorough and there's plenty of very worthy background information about the challenges of location filming. In Cambodia, where much of the film was made, Annaud and his team had to rebuild an airstrip and have large areas de-mined to make them safe for use. Also, he builds on the explanations of special effects offered by the featurette, elucidating the intricate artistry of photography, production and post-production.

Much of his time is spent re-iterating that the tigers and their fascinating psychology were always his primary concern and outlining heady aspirations for the film's integrity.

Ironically, the engaging commentary seems to surpass the film in paying tribute to the legendary animal.

Reviewed on: 06 Jan 2005
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Tiger twins separated as cubs face adventure in human world.
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