Silent Running

Blu-Ray Rating: *****

Reviewed by: Jennie Kermode

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Silent Running

Some films suffer from the transfer to blu-ray as it shows up their imperfections. Silent Running glows. It's astounding to see how good it looks after all this time, and how well the special effects stand up. Supporting features explore how these worked, and look at the lovingly assembled model work. It's hard to imagine much contemporary CGI work dating this well.

The package supporting the film is excellent. There's a wealth of material here, much of which will be new even to devoted fans, and although it repeats itself in places this simply results in a richer perspective.

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Every aspect of the film is explored in details, from the acting to the design work to the soundtrack, which you can play on its own. The theatrical trailer is hilarious, painting the film as something very different in the hope of selling it to action fans. The accompanying booklet contains some beautiful stills and really makes this feel like the luxury edition it claims to be.

This has set a high water mark that other blu-rays on release this season will struggle to live up to.

Reviewed on: 13 Dec 2011
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An ecologist balks at the idea that Earth's last surviving plant life, preserved in space greenhouses, should be destroyed.
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Product Code: B005DE1G2Y

Region: 2

Extras: Trailer, commentary, interviews, separate soundtrak, documentary, separable soundtrack, art booklet

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