Hobson's Choice

DVD Rating: ***

Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

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Released on a digitally restored print to celebrate its 60th anniversary and on both DVD and Blu-ray, Hobson's Choice is looking good after all these years.

Last time the film was released, by Optimum, back in 2008, the only extras were stills and a poster (read more about those here.

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These have now been incorporated within two new extras - a six-minute interview with Prunella Scales (Vicky) and a 14-minute chat with associate producer anc co-writer Norman Spencer.

Given the recent revelations about Scales' battle with "a mild form of Alzheimer's" recollections of how Robert Donat lost the part of Willie because he couldn't recall his lines are tinged with an extra layer of sadness. She clearly had a blast on the film and remembers all the cast and director David Lean, in particular, with great fondness, offering a warm insight into the feeling on the set.

The interview with Spencer, meanwhile, focuses more on Lean as a technician. "As a clergyman is to religion, David was to film - nothing interfered with film. Ever," he says. He also talks about the difficulties Donat's departure from the cast caused them and sets the shooting of the film in the social context of that period in Salford.

Hard of hearing subtitles are included on the main feature but not the extras.

There is probably not quite enough here to justify buying an additional copy of the film if you already have the previous 2008 release but for fans and those who are new to it, it is well worth the investment.

Reviewed on: 11 May 2014
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Trouble at t'shop when eldest daughter of tyranical Lancashire bootmaker in 1890 decides to marry his timid, downtrodden employee.
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Extras: Interviews with Prunella Scales and associate producer and co-writer Norman Spencer

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