Jennie Kermode

A full time writer, part time academic and sometime activist, Jennie is content director at Eye For Film, which often means that she has to pick up the awful stuff nobody else wants to review. The good side of this is that it gives her the chance to identify undiscovered gems.

Jennie enjoys a wide range of different genres and would probably say that her favourite film is Picnic At Hanging Rock. Before coming to Eye For Film, she spent two years with Movie Gurus. She has worked as Arts & Culture Editor at KaleidoScot and written on film for the likes of The Independent, Studio Magazine and the Directory of World Cinema. She blogs on politics at Den Of The Hyena.

Jennie is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and Criticwire. She is also a Rotten Tomatoes registered Tomatometer critic.

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Latest Film Reviews

Kate Plays Christine
An actress prepares to play Christine Chubbuck, who died by suicide live on air in 1974.
Let's Be Evil
Three people are recruited to act as supervisors in an institute for gifted children, but things don't go as they expected.
Maya Angelou And Still I Rise
A documentary portrait of the legendary poet and activist.
The Curse Of Sleeping Beauty
A man unexpectedly inherits a mansion - and responsibility for the things in the sub-basement.
In a dystopian future, a man is promised refuge for himself and his daughter if he will take out an enemy of the state.
In The Turn
A young trans girl finds friends and self confidence through roller derby.
An animated film about a son’s struggle to keep the memory of his father alive.
Talk It Out
A teacher setting up an after-school support group prompts young people to think differently about mental health issues.
Black Women In Medicine
A documentary about black women who have forged careers as doctors, often against the odds.
Two teenage sisters try to cope without adult support when their small town is quarantined during an epidemic.


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News Stories

AT&T aims to buy Time Warner
23 Oct 2016
Wireless carrier seeks approval for $85.4bn deal.
£1.6m fine over Harrison Ford injury
12 Oct 2016
Production company say it deeply regrets incident.
A Family Affair wins SMHAFF jury prize
11 Oct 2016
Film is "deeply sensitive," says Richard Warden.
Herschell Gordon Lewis dies
26 Sep 2016
Farewell to the godfather of gore.
Curtis Hanson dies at 71
21 Sep 2016
Tributes pour in for L.A. Confidential director.

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