Amber Wilkinson

Being editorial director of Eye For Film means that Amber gets to go globetrotting to festivals quite often. While that may periodically limit her access to popcorn movies, it's probably better for her waistline that way, and she gets to watch a vast amount of world and independent cinema that everyone else would love, too, if only they gave it a go. She secretly likes to watch The Man With Two Brains and Blazing Saddles late at night to unwind.

Amber is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and FIPRESCI, the international federation of film critics and recently served as president of the FIPRESCI jury at San Sebastian Film Festival. She has also served on juries in Seattle and Gijon and tutored young critics in workshops at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

She thinks that distributors are bonkers not to be releasing the following in the UK: Mother, I Love You, War Witch, and very heartened that Tangerines is finally getting a release in autumn 2015. You can also find her rambling (twambling?) over on Twitter (@NinjaWorrier).

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Latest Film Reviews

Finding Dory
The forgetful fish is back.
Documentary about a conflict that arose between Dutch incomers to a small Spanish town and the traditions of the sole remaining residents.
The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Mäki
Finland, 1962. Boxer Olli Mäki is 26 years old and in love. Expected to win a bout against an American, but he would rather be with his girlfriend than train.
Normal Autistic Film
A personal perspective on autism as a different way of looking at the world rather than a medical problem.
The Teacher
A teacher creates a climate of fear in the classroom.
I, Olga Hepnarová
Period drama about a real-life murderer.
Houston, We Have A Problem!
Creating the myth of a space-race power deal.
Story of a teenager who delivers telegrams during the Second World War.
A private investigator is drawn into a mind game by a mysterious woman.
A baby bird learns how to catch food on the shoreline.


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20 Jul 2016
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