Amber Wilkinson

Being editorial director of Eye For Film means that Amber gets to go globetrotting to festivals quite often. While that may periodically limit her access to popcorn movies, it's probably better for her waistline that way, and she gets to watch a vast amount of world and independent cinema that everyone else would love, too, if only they gave it a go. She secretly likes to watch The Man With Two Brains and Blazing Saddles late at night to unwind.

Amber is a member of the Online Film Critics Society and FIPRESCI, the international federation of film critics and recently served on the FIPRESCI jury at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

She thinks that distributors are bonkers not to be releasing the following in the UK: Mother, I Love You, War Witch and Silver Tongues. You can also find her rambling (twambling?) over on Twitter (@NinjaWorrier).

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Latest Film Reviews

Silent Heart
A family gather together to say goodbye to their matriarch who plans to take her own life.
An insurance investigator finds himself on the trail of intelligent robots in a future dystopia.
Not All Is Vigil
Docufiction study of an elderly married couple.
The New Girlfriend
When a woman falls seriously ill her friend gets more than she bargained for after pledging to look after her baby and husband.
The Equalizer
A former commando comes out of retirement to rescue a teenage hooker from the Russian mafia in New York.
Attila Marcel
A man rendered mute by childhood trauma finds a road into his memories with the help of a neighbour.
Seven Samurai
A village enlists a group of samurai to defend them from bandits.
If I Stay
A teenager faces the choice between life and death.
The Dog
Portrait of the motor-mouthed, completely uncorked John Wojtowicz, whose 1972 botched robbery of a Brooklyn bank was dramatized in Dog Day Afternoon.
Jour De Fête
Tati's debut about a postman who sees a newsreel about the US mail system and decides to upgrade his deliveries, with comic consequences.


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