The Bride leads chase for Goyas

Spanish Academy announces short list.

by Amber Wilkinson

The Bride will compete for 12 Goya Awards
The Bride will compete for 12 Goya Awards Photo: Courtesy of San Sebastian Film Festival
The Bride (La Novia) by Paul Ortiz led the charge as the Spanish Academy Goya Award finalists were announced earlier today. The film adaptation of the Lorca classic, which premiered in the Zabaltegi strand at San Sebastian Film Festival this year, received 12 nominations. It was followed by Isabel Coixet's Nobody Wants The Night, which opened this year's Berlinale.

The two films will compete in the Best Picture category against Daniel Guzmán's feature debut A Cambio De Nada, Ricardo Darín and Javier Cámara cancer dramedy Truman and Fernando León de Aranoa's A Perfect Day (Un Dia Perfecto) about a group of aid workers trying to resolve a warzone crisis.

Pedro Casablanc (B), Luis Tosar (Retribution/El Desconicido), Asier Etxeandia, (The Bride), Ricardo Darin, (Truman) will contest the Best Actor title, while Inma Cuesta, (The Bride), Penelope Cruz, (Ma ma), Juliette Binoche, (Nobody Wants the Night) and Natalia de Molina (Techo y Comida/Food And Shelter) will vie for best actress.

The full list of nominees is below:

The major category nominations are:

Best Picture

  • A Cambio De Nada (Dani Guzman)
  • The Bride (Paula Ortiz)
  • Nobody Wants the Night (Isabel Coixet)
  • Truman (Cesc Gay)
  • A Perfect Day (Fernando Leon de Aranoa)

Best Director

  • Paula Ortiz
  • Isabel Coixet
  • Cesc Gay
  • Fernando Leon de Aranoa

Best First-Time Director

  • Daniel Guzman (A Cambio De Nada)
  • Dani de la Torre (Retribution)
  • Leticia Dolera (Requirements To Be A Normal Person)
  • Juan Miguel del Castillo (Food And Shelter)

Best Original Screenplay

  • Daniel Guzman (A Cambio De Nada)
  • Alberto Marini (Retribution)
  • Borja Cobeaga (The Negotiator)
  • Cesc Gay and Tomas Aragay, (Truman)

Best Adapted Screenplay

  • David Ilundain (B)
  • Agusti Villaronga (The King of Havana)
  • Javier Garcia Arredondo and Paula Ortiz (The Bride)
  • Fernando Leon de Aranoa (A Perfect Day)

Best Original Music

  • Santi Vega (El teatro de mas alla. Chavin de Huantar)
  • Shigeru Umebayashi (The Bride)
  • Alberto Iglesias (Ma ma)
  • Lucas Vidal (Nobody Wants The Night)

Best Actor

  • Pedro Casablanc (B)
  • Luis Tosar (Retribution)
  • Asier Etxeandia (The Bride)
  • Ricardo Darin (Truman)

Best Actress

  • Inma Cuesta (The Bride)
  • Penelope Cruz (Ma ma)
  • Juliette Binoche, (Nobody Wants The Night)
  • Natalia de Molina (Food And Shelter)

Best Supporting Actor

  • Felipe García Vélez (A Cambio de Nada)
  • Manolo Solo (B)
  • Javier Cámara (Truman)
  • Tim Robbins (A Perfect Day)

Best Supporting Actress

  • Elvira Mínguez (Retribution)
  • Marian Álvarez (Felices 140)
  • Nora Navas (Felices 140)
  • Luisa Gavasa (The Bride)

Best Animated Feature

  • Capture The Flag (Enrique Gato)
  • Menique (Ernesto Padron)
  • Holy Night! (Juan Galiñanes)
  • Yoko Eta Lagunak (Juanjo Elordi, Rishat Gilmetdinov)

Best Foreign Film In The Spanish Language

  • The Clan (Pablo Trapero, Argentina)
  • La Once (Maite Alberdi, Chile)
  • Magallanes (Salvador del Solar, Peru)
  • His Wedding Dress (Marilyn Solaya, Cuba)

Best Documentary

  • New Girls 24 Hours (Chicas nuevas 24 horas, Mabel Lozano)
  • I Am Your Father (Toni Bestard, Marcos Cabotá)
  • Dreams Of Salt (Sueños de sal, Alfredo Navarro)
  • The Propaganda Game (Álvaro Longoria)

Best European Picture

  • On The Way To School (Pascal Plisson, France)
  • Leviathan (Andrey Zvyagintsev, Russia)
  • Macbeth, (Justin Kurzel, UK, France, US)
  • Mustang, (Deniz Gamze Erguuven, France, Turkey, Germany)

Best Fiction Short

    • Inside the Box (David Martin-Porras)
    • Cordelias (Gracia Querejeta)
    • El corridor (Jose Luis Montesinos)
    • El Trueno Rojo (Alvaro Ron)
    • Os meninos do rio (Javier Macipe)

    Best Animated Short

    • Alike (Rafael Cano Méndez, Daniel Martínez Lara)
    • The Night Of The Ocean (La noche del océano, María Lorenzo Hernández)
    • Honorio. Dos minutos de sol (Francisco Gisbert Picó, Francisca Ramírez Villaverde)
    • Victims Of Guernica (Victimas de Guernica, Ferran Caum)

    Best Documentary Short

    • Earth's Children (Hijos de la Tierra, Axel O'Mill Tubau, Patxi Uriz Domezáin)
    • Return to La Alcaria (Regreso a la Alcarria, Tomás Cimadevilla Acebo)
    • Windows (Ventanas, Pilar García Elegido)
    • Wind Tuna (Viento de atunes, Alfonso O'Donnell)

    Honorary Goya Mariano Ozores

    The full list of nominations, including technical categories, can be found on the official site.

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