Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival 2017

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No Place For A Rebel No Place For A Rebel
No Place For A Rebel and Northern Lights
32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide (Country: US; Year: 2017; Director: Hope Litoff)
A filmmaker reflects on the life, mental illness and untimely death of her sister, and artist and photographer.
Becoming Cary Grant (Country: US, UK, France; Year: 2016; Director: Mark Kidel; Writer: Mark Kidel, Nick Ware; Stars: Jonathan Pryce, Judy Balaban, David Thomson, Barbara Jaynes, Mark Glancy)
The star's own words are used to tell his life story.
Being Greene (Country: Canada; Year: 2016; Director: Jeff Newman; Writer: Jeff Newman)
A family of entertainers wrestle with mental illness.
Cloud Nine (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2016; Director: Anne-Marieke Graafmans)
A documentarian chronicles her struggle with post-natal depression and the isolation she felt as a result.
Donkeyote (Country: UK, Germany, Spain; Year: 2017; Director: Chico Pereira; Writer: Gabriel Molera, Chico Pereira, Manuel Pereira; Stars: Paca Molera Pereira, Mamen Gómez Heredia, Manuel Molera Aparicio)
Manolo and his donkey Gorrión plan a journey.
Cloud Nine Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine and Donkeyote
Like Crazy (La Pazza Gioia) (Country: Italy, France; Year: 2016; Director: Paolo Virzì; Writer: Francesca Archibugi, Paolo Virzì; Stars: Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Micaela Ramazzotti, Anna Galiena, Valentina Carnelutti, Stefano Scherini, Marco Messeri, Bob Messini, Tommaso Ragno, Elena Lietti, Roberto Rondelli, Carlotta Brentan, Francesca Della Ragione)
Two delusional mental health patients escape from their institution and go on a series of misadventures.
Northern Lights (Country: UK; Year: 2016; Director: Nicholas Connor; Writer: Nicholas Connor; Stars: Rhys Cadman, Katie Quinn, Gemma North, Megan Grady, Hamish Kilpatrick, Carole Griffiths, Edward Buckley, Will Bennett, Joe Brooke, Anthony Marrochia, Nicholas Sheard, Geraldine Connor, James Robins, Mark Quinn, Jan Marcinek)
A teenager deals with bereavement, anxiety and exams in Northern Lights
No Place For A Rebel (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2017; Director: Ariadne Asimakopoulos, Maartje Wegdam; Writer: Ariadne Asimakopoulos, Maartje Wegdam)
A young man kidnapped as a child by the Lord's Resistance Army and raised to become a military commander tries to adapt to civilian life.
The Other Half (Country: Canada; Year: 2016; Director: Joey Klein; Writer: Joey Klein; Stars: Tatiana Maslany, Tom Cullen, Henry Czerny, Mark Rendall, Suzanne Clément)
A bipolar woman and a man struggling with grief try to develop and maintain a relationship.
Summer 1993 (Country: Spain; Year: 2017; Director: Carla Simón; Writer: Carla Simón; Stars: Laia Artigas, Paula Blanco, Etna Campillo, Bruna Cusí, Jordi Figueras, Dolores Fortis, Titón Frauca, Cristina Matas, Berta Pipó, Quimet Pla, Fermí Reixach, Paula Robles, Isabel Rocatti, Montse Sanz, Tere Solà)
A young girl struggles to adapt to her new life in the countryside after the death of her mum.
Becoming Cary Grant Becoming Cary Grant
Becoming Cary Grant and Summer 1993
Vivian, Vivian (Country: Netherlands; Year: 2016; Director: Ingrid Kamerling)
A filmmaker's attempt to understand the feelings that led her sister to suicide.

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