San Sebastian Film Festival 2013

Celebration of action sports cinema.

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Spirit Of Akasha Spirit Of Akasha
Spirit Of Akasha and The Crash Reel
Bella Vita (Country: Italy, US; Year: 2013; Director: Jason Baffa; Writer: Jason Baffa; Stars: Chris Del Moro)
Can a region surrounded by land produce world class surfing waves?
Cerro Torre: A Snowball's Chance In Hell (Country: Austria; Year: 2013; Director: Thomas Dirnhofer; Stars: Jim Bridwell, David Lama, Toni Ponholzer, Peter Ortner)
Set against the backdrop of breathtaking Patagonia, David Lama, climbing’s wunderkind, sets out to climb the infamous south-east face of Cerro Torre, a mountain once said to be the most difficult in the world.
The Crash Reel (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Lucy Walker)
The jaw-dropping story of one unforgettable athlete, Kevin Pearce; one eye-popping sport, snow boarding; and one explosive issue, traumatic brain injury. An epic rivalry between Kevin and Shaun White culminates in a life-changing crash and a comeback story with a difference.
Into The Mind (Country: Canada; Year: 2013; Director: Eric Crosland, Dave Mossop; Stars: Joshua Pak)
Tracking a skier as he attempts to climb and ski the ultimate mountain.
McConkey (Country: US; Year: 2013; Director: Steve Winter, Murray Wais, Scott Gaffney, David Zieff, Rob Bruce)
An all-star roster of sports movie-making talent directs this heartfelt biography of extreme ski trailblazer Shane McConkey, once described as “the most influential skier ever.” McConkey covers forty years and countless high places to track Shane’s conversion from downhill racer to freeskiing marvel to pioneer of a hair-raising new discipline—ski BASE jumping—giving alarming new meaning to the question, how far would you go to be the next big thing?
Morning Of The Earth (Country: Australia; Year: 1971; Director: Albert Falzon; Stars: Stephen Cooney, Terry Fitzgerald, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Gerry Lopez, Michael Peterson, David Treloar, Nat Young)
Special screening with live performance by Odei after the premiere of Spirit of Akasha.
Spirit Of Akasha (Year: 2013; Director: Andrew Kidman)
Spirit of Akasha - a film and soundtrack celebrating 40 years of surf film Morning of the Earth.

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