Dead By Dawn is back for another year with a selection of horror treats designed to send shivers down your spine. New discoveries are accompanied by old favourites and a scary shorts strand, plus there'll be special guests, competitions and the famous shit film amnesty.

The festival will take place from 25 to 28 May.

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Dead By Dawn Latest Reviews

An unfaithful wife faces demonic horrors after her dead lover escapes from Hell.
Dead Shadows
Dead Shadows
A young man whose parents were killed as a comet passed finds people acting strangely as another comet appoaches.
My Amityville Horror
My Amityville Horror
A documentary about the famous Amityville 'haunting' case focusing on Daniel, who was ten at the time and remembers something very different.
An American Werewolf In London
An American Werewolf In London
Fully restored version of the werewolf classic.
The Tingler
The Tingler
A pathologist discovers a dangerous parasite that feeds on fear and can only be killed by screaming, but when a mute woman becomes infected, all Hell breaks loose. Famous for the pranks played on audiences at its original screenings.
Brain Damage
Brain Damage
A man becomes attached to a parasite that gives him an unnatural high.
Basket Case
Basket Case
Cult horror à la basket.
Evil Dead 2 - Dead By Dawn
Evil Dead 2 - Dead By Dawn
Sam Raimi returns to the shed in the forest where evil spirits cause unspeakable mayhem.

Dead By Dawn News

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