Tim Bryant

Grew up in South London, got heavily into film as a student when at University of Wales Swansea and on exchange at University of New Mexico. After graduating in 2001 worked in media briefly before going to Australia and Japan as a TEFL teacher. Now based back in London. Favourite film maker is David Lynch, favourite film 2046

Latest Film Reviews

Army Of Shadows
Harrowing and stylistically strong drama about the plight of the French Resistance.
Tony Takitani
A lonely man's search for happiness.
Seminal gangster film about an unrepentant drug dealer. Out to own as part of the <a href="/reviews.php?film_id=11853">European Mavericks Heart Of Darkness</a> box set.
Upstairs, Downstairs: The Complete Third Series
National and social changes amongst the privileged and servant classes in London during tempestuous times before The Great War.
A Fine Romance: The Complete Second Series
Eighties sitcom continues the comic travails of a famous mismatched couple
Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
Real life gangster rap fairy tale, with 50 Cent.
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