Sunil Chauhan

Sunil is a writer and programmer. He regularly curates seasons at south London's Deptford Cinema and co-runs the documentary screening collective Wavelength.

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L'Homme-Vertige: Tales Of A City
Documentary about Point-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe.
A documentary meditation on architecture and how the design and construction of buildings from the ancient past reveals our destruction - and offers hope for survival.
Documentary about the return of artworks to Benin that were looted by French colonisers.
Beginning at a mangosteen juice factory on the east coast of the gulf of Thailand, we follow brother and sister as their interior worlds reach out to meet one another.
The Taste Of Mango
Three generations, spanning London to Sri Lanka, weave together in this documentary considering a history of abuse.
An Asian Ghost Story
Documentary exploring the haunting memories of Asia’s late 20th-century modernisation through the large-scale export of wigs during the Cold War.
Nowhere Near
Documentary reflecting the filmmaker’s attempts to understand his and his family’s experiences as undocumented Filipino immigrants in the US.
Tokyo Uber Blues
Documentarian records his work as an Uber delivery guy in the pandemic.
White Nanny Black Child
A group of adults find solace in sharing their experiences of growing up as the children of Black Nigerian immigrants who were fostered by white British families.
If Only Night Wouldn't Fall
Three Western countries’ attempts to grapple with anxiety, depression and psychosis.


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27 Nov 2018
Jane Giles on wild nights, cult films and her new book, Scala Cinema 1978-1993

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Open City Documentary Festival returns
23 Aug 2019
We take a look at some of the highlights
Diego Maradona to kick-off Doc/Fest
10 May 2019
UK premiere for Kapadia's footballer profile

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