Stephanie Wolfe Murray

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Firehouse Dog
A lost canine movie star teams up with a kid to save an ailing fire station.
Charlotte's Web
The farmer's daughter and a talkative spider try to save the life of the smallest piglet in the barn.
My Family And Other Animals
BBC adaptation of Gerald Durrell's autobiography about his years on Corfu.
Take The Lead
A dance instructor teaches tough kids in Harlem how to foxtrot and tango.
Lady And The Tramp
Disney classic about a pair of romantic dogs.
Nanny McPhee
A magic nanny sorts out the unruly children of an impoverished undertaker.
The Consequences Of Love
Existential thriller explores the mystery of a quiet man in a provincial hotel.
Sullivan's Travels
Hollywood film director dresses up as a tramp to experience how the other half lives.
Pooh's Heffalump Movie
Roo goes hunting for a heffalump.
Laura's Star
A sulky girl learns to smile again when she makes friends with a fallen star.
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