Sarah Artt

Severine is a film studies academic and veteran of three Edinburgh International Film Festivals. She enjoys classic Hollywood re-releases, the occasional gonzo art piece (Chelsea Girls with dual 16mm projection!), the cinema of France and the Middle East, and watching stars cry for their Oscar. She has written for Scope: the online journal of film studies and The Journal of Adaptation in Film and Performance. Her favourite film of all time is John Schlesinger's Darling (1965) with Julie Christie, Dirk Bogarde and Laurence Harvey--still a great example of how a film can ooze both style and substance. Originally from Canada, but has lived in Scotland since 2001.

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Sami Blood
A Sámi girl experiences racism in the 1930s.
As a killer stalks and kidnaps beautiful young women, how far will the local detective have to go to stop him?
A radio DJ tries to track the source of a virus which turns people into zombies.
Coming-of-age drama about a young boy struggling to get by in a rural economy.
A Light In The Fog
Story of a widow and her sick dad, who live in isolation.
Can Go Through Skin
A woman responds to assault by moving to the countryside and reconstructing an old farmhouse, but her sanity proves fragile.
The Maid
A servant goes to extreme lengths to stay with the family she's obsessed with - and to get rid of the competition.
The relationship between a troubled man and the woman who gives him sexual therapy.
The Song Of The Dead Children
A group of siblings respond to a family tragedy by rejecting adult authority and exercising their own brutal form of justice.
Pardon My French
A black comedy about the relationship between a woman and a female stalker.


Review of the My Secret Heart music and video installation by Mira Calix, Flat-e and Streetwise Opera
21 Jun 2009
Music, video and art come together to create a unique experience.

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