Robyn Jankel

Robyn Jankel is an easily excitable fan of just about anything which raises her pulse, emotion, IQ or a smile. Her taste in films is relatively wide, although she despairs of the pretentiousness of certain genres and can't quite get her head around people (or films) which take themselves too seriously. She is a shameless fan of musicals with massive set-pieces and doesn't care who knows it. Robyn did her degree in drama and theatre studies (but don't hold that against her) and is currently attempting to break into the film industry. Her long-term goal is a career in film development, focussing on book adaptations; a aim towards which she is striving, with the help of endless internships. Her short-term goal is to get a pay cheque before she turns 30.

In her spare time, Robyn makes (and sells) her own jewellery, reads books about different countries, and leaves a trail of destruction in her wake. She loves brownies and hates oranges. Her chocolate crumbled pears are legendary, and she doesn't own a single pair of white socks.

Latest Film Reviews

Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
This long-delayed movie about Harry's sixth form year reveals secrets about Lord Voldemort's fractured soul.
Is Anybody There?
An elderly magician reluctantly entering a retirement home bonds with an inquisitive young boy and persuades him life is for living.
Lesbian Vampire Killers
Horror spoof sees two hapless buddies try to save a community from the bite of girl-loving vampires.
Hannah Takes The Stairs
Mumblecore film about a graduate and her love life.
The Tale Of Despereaux
A brave little mouse sets out to rescue a princess.
Yes Man
Jim Carrey agrees to say 'Yes' to everything for 12 months.
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas
The son of a Nazi officer forges an unlikely frienship.
Quantum Of Solace
Bond is back... and this time it's personal.


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