Richard Mellor

Based in London and pathetically obsessed with his VHS collection and stand-alone player, Richard Mellor finds torture porn a turn-off and wouldn't watch a war film even if Natalie Portman asked him with that mischievous grin of hers. Well, perhaps then, but otherwise no chance. He likes everything else from indie to Indian, and still cries at the end of Dirty Dancing (don't tell anyone).

By day he works in travel PR, and by night he ambles contentedly around the dodgier nooks of East London wearing dirty cardigans and grubby plimsols. He runs London-based music blog Someofitwastrue,

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A tale of misguided love and obssession in an isolated girls' school in the Thirties.
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An investigative reporter finds his loyalties conflicted when a story involving murder, blackmail and conspiracy centres on his old friend, now an up-and-coming Congressman.
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FBI agents try to track down a group of masked killers with the help of three survivors.
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A shy teen copes with coming of age and coming out.
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Documentary about the gay rights activist gets a timely DVD release.
Body Of Lies
Counter-terrorist thriller about a CIA operative in the Middle East and his US-based 'handler'.
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