Martin Fitzgerald

If my memory serves me right, the first film I ever saw at the cinema was Disney's Robin Hood. My mother took me when I was small, no mean feat on her part as I've never seen her sit through a film since. Favourite films include "Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid", "Jules et Jim" and "Magnolia". I'm at my happiest watching a western on a Sunday afternoon.

Latest Film Reviews

Flesh For Frankenstein
Dark comedy based - very loosely - on Mary Shelley's novel.
I Didn't Know You Cared: Season 2
A Nothern family sitcom, in which the men slag off the women and the women moan about the men.
Equinox Flower
Cultural changes in post war Japan come close to home when the concept of arranged marriage is questioned.
Das Experiment
Based on a true experiment where volunteers act out the roles of guards and prisoners with disturbing results. Out to own as part of the <a href="/reviews.php?film_id=1185 3">European Mavericks Heart Of Darkness</a> box set.
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