Jonathan Melton

Until recently Jonathan Melton could say he was a student of creative writing. Now he has to settle for merely unemployed.

Jonathan enjoys all types of cinema, but when it comes down to it his real love is for the trashier end. A compulsive twitterer (@jonamelton) and much less compulsive blogger, the reason being that tweets take far less time than blogs.

Don’t tell anyone, but he has a secret collection of talking dog movies.

Latest Film Reviews

The Burrowers
When a town's prime lass is kidnapped in the Old West, a posse get together to bring her back. Easier said than done when the kidnappers are underground monsters.
Coyote County Loser
A love advice radio show is telling women to wait for their perfect man. But isn’t there more to romance than unrealistic expectations?
The Ghoul
Professor Morlant's dying wish is to be buried with an Egyptian jewel, which gives the bearer eternal life. Great idea, genius.
King Boxer
To win the hand of his beloved, Chi-Hao must enter and triumph in a regional martial arts tournament.
Gypsy 83
A couple of outcast Goths from Ohio run away to New York seeking fame, fortune and acceptance.
A serial killer is buried alive and digs his way out to seek revenge.
Role Models
A pair of misanthropic manchildren learn mentoring responsibility.
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