Donald Munro

Donald is a child of Moviedrome who enjoys weird films, film noir, horror and science fiction (but doesn’t really care about Star Wars). He also likes some musicals (such as Annette and The Saddest Music In The World). Beyond film, he likes fine art, Art Nouveau and Italian Futurism, and has a collection of musical instruments from zithers to hand pans. He has a background in maths, science and Linux (but can talk about other things).

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Mastermind: To Think Like A Killer
The story of Ann Burgess, a specialist in the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit who transformed the way authorities look into serial murders.
A hapless dreamer and would-be philosopher spends his days looking after the pool of the Tahitian Tiki apartment block in sunny LA. When he uncovers a water heist, he does what he can to protect the city.
Boy Kills World
A dystopian fever dream action film that follows Boy, a deaf mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, he is trained by a mysterious shaman to repress his childish imagination and become an instrument of death.
The End We Start From
A woman who along with her newborn try to find their way home as environmental crisis that submerges London in flood waters and sees a young family torn apart in the chaos.
Ink & Linda
A documentary chronicling the unexpected kinship between a dancer in her 70s and an urban artist in his 20s as they take over Los Angeles with their movement street art.
Art Talent Show
Documentary about life in an art academy.
Yakuza Wolf 2: Extend My Condolences
A lonely, clifftop mansion is attacked in no-holds barred massacre.
Yakuza Wolf
The son of a murdered crime boss exacts his revenge by pitting two rival clans against each other.
Blue Giant
When a student receives a saxophone as a gift, he starts practising immediately, and finds himself drawn into the world of jazz.
Devil Girl From Mars
An uptight, leather-clad female alien, armed with a ray gun and accompanied by a menacing robot, comes to Earth to collect Earthmen as breeding stock.


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18 Jun 2013
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01 Apr 2009
The Scottish-born director on his new thriller set in the poorest parts of America.

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Inaugural Dunoon Film Festival launched
11 May 2013
Stars In Scotland photography exhibition accompanies new event.

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