Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant is a Berlin-based critic whose writing has appeared in Premiere, Cineaste, Time Out New York and Asian Cult Cinema.

Online he has contributed to IFC, GreenCine, The Auteurs,, and The Sundance Channel. He also runs his own film blog, Like Anna Karina's Sweater (

He is the President of Benten Films, the first distribution company run by film critics.

He and producer, arts journalist and programmer Pamela Cohn, run a weekly screening series, Kino Satellite, at the recently opened Das Direktorenhaus, in the Mitte district of Berlin. Grant and Cohn host shows in the newly-built micro-cinema every Tuesday evening, bringing programmes of new, innovative and groundbreaking work from some of today’s most talented filmmakers, animators, and multi-media artists, with an emphasis on the illustrative arts.

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