What Goes Up Must Come Down

What Goes Up Must Come Down


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Charlie Creed-Mills plays a succession of bizarre customers of taxi driver Mark Monero. One moment, he's a break dancing drunk, the next he's a man who's had a brief encounter in a fetish club and the next a businessman with a very strange habit.

This would probably be fun enough, but Adam Smith's smart, sassy film has more to offer.

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Monero engages in a rap battle with each of his customers, getting hip to the beat as they drive the street. The result (forgive me) is very sweet.

You'll be humming the catchy chorus long after the credits have rolled. No wonder they managed to get such an all-star cast, including a cameo from Kathy Burke, as the taxi controller.

Worth the price of the Shorts 1 screening alone.

Reviewed on: 02 Oct 2005
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Bizarre customers for a rap battling taxi driver.

Director: Adam Smith

Writer: Adam Smith

Starring: Charlie Creed-Mills, Mark Monero, Peter Hugo-Daly, Kathy Burke, Jaime Murray, Johnny Harris, Joy Graham, Jesse Keegan, Perry Benson, Guy Coife, Andrew Lothian

Year: 2005

Runtime: 9 minutes

Country: UK


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