True Colours

True Colours


Reviewed by: Dylan Matthew

A mum, dad and their young son pull up in a car outside a supermarket one night. Mum asks Dad: "Where did you get that black eye?" "Playing football," is the reply. We are left wondering - is he violent by nature or is he telling the truth?

What we do know is that he has tough job, little money and loves his wife and kid. He takes his last tenner into the store, determined to get the food supplies as well as a treat for his son but events unravel to reveal not only the fact that he hasa propensity towards violence but also the true colours of the other punters around him as misunderstandings and pre-judgements take their toll.

The consequences of a few mishaps and some bad karma have devastating results as a moment of painful realisation and self-awareness comes into being. It’s a well written and beautifully performed piece by Neil Maskell as the father, and nicely directed around a simple truthful idea.

Reviewed on: 24 Aug 2007
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A chain of events has a serious impact for a family.

Director: Barney Elliot

Writer: Barney Elliot

Starring: Neil Maskell, Louise Fullerton, Arron Huelin, Scott Lane, Paul D Stephenson

Year: 2006

Runtime: 11 minutes

Country: UK


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