The Mysterious Michael A

The Mysterious Michael A


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

The only thing mysterious about Michael (Nicholas Jones) is that he doesn't get it off with Margaret (Joanna Bowen) when she's obviously gagging for it.

This is a film with HUGE potential that delivers only a little surprise. Where have I heard that before? From Margaret?

Michael looks dull. Not a good start. He's on the cusp of middle age - bald spot, cardigan, tummy - and is most precise in the way he speaks. He is also old fashioned (polite) and almost certainly wipes the lavatory seat before use.

He takes a room for 28 days in Margaret's B & B. She's a single mum, who likes to dress for play (if you know what I mean) when she's tired of being a husbandless wife. Michael behaves as if he doesn't know she exists. He's a writer and you know what they do - live in their own world, of course.

Nothing much happens. Michael goes on being boring and Margaret remains dressed. But there is a little twisty ending to give the film purpose. It doesn't make much sense unless Michael is a nutter and he doesn't seem to be.

Ahhh, I hear you cry, those are the ones to watch!

Now you can, courtesy of writer/director Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon.

Reviewed on: 04 Mar 2006
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The writer, the B & B, the single mum and the little surprise

Director: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Writer: Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon

Starring: Nicholas Jones, Joanna Bowen

Year: 2005

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK


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