The Claude Chabrol Collection: Volume 2

The Claude Chabrol Collection: Volume 2


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Innocents With Dirty Hands (Les Innocents aux Mains Sales)

A wife (Romy Schneider) conspires to murder her husband (Rod Steiger), with the help of her lover (Paulo Giusti).

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Pleasure Party (Une Partie de Plaisir)

Claude Chabrol persuades his regular script collaborator (Paul Gegauff) to play himself in a film about the breakdown of his marriage.

Cop Au Vin (Poulet au Vinaigre)

Grotesque murders and mammoth meals provide a provincial recipe that includes Stephane Audran as the crippled mother of a postman.

The Break Up (La Rupture)

The father of a drug addict plots the destruction of his daughter-in-law’s character.

Who’s Got The Black Box? (La Route de Corinthe)

An action spy spoof in Greece, with Jean Seberg and men with bad haircuts.

The Flower Of Evil (La Fleur du Mal)

Secrets, lies and bloody murder amongst an upper-middle-class family in Bordeaux.

Reviewed on: 11 Oct 2007
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A second pick'n'mix of Claude Chabrol's prolific output.
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Director: Claude Chabrol

Writer: Claude Chabrol, Caroline Eliacheff, Louise L Lambrichs, Daniel Boulanger, Claude Brule, Paul Gegauff

Starring: Stephane Audran, Romy Schneider, Nathalie Baye, Rod Steiger, Jean Seberg, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Benoit Magimel, Maurice Ronet, Jean Poiret, Michel Bouquet, Paul Gegauff, Danielle Gegauff

Year: 2005

Runtime: 636 minutes

BBFC: 18 - Age Restricted

Country: France/Italy/Greece/Belgium


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