The Bridge: Season 4


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

The Bridge: Season 4
"Season 4 proves to be difficult, absorbing, dark and of the highest quality of Scandi Crime."

Is this a bridge too far? Certainly not!.

Homeland can go on and on - no complaints there - when this Nordic Noir classic ends here and now and forever. They say it's good to leave at the top of your game but for the fans of Saga Noren and the loyal followers of the series tears will be shed.

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You might ask, what's the difference between The Bridge and Wallander, both in the business of solving murder mysteries, as Sarah Lund did in The Killing, aided by intelligent scripts that treat the audience as grown ups not tiddly teenagers who believe Scream was the beginning and end of horror movies?

The answer is Saga, the Swedish detective with Asperger's Syndrome. Her social skills crashed and burned in some distant place before rules collided. She obsesses about the truth - lies are locked out of her response mechanism - never wears make-up or attempts to hide the scars on her face. She dresses in tight leather trousers and a heavy shapeless overcoat. She is excellent at her job, which is why she still has one, and never shows emotion. Also, she is blonde and beautiful, which contradicts a character who spurns artificial enhancement of every kind. As a heroine in a hero's world she tries and fails to fit in but then you could argue that she can't try because she wouldn't know where to begin, being incapable of empathy.

In Series 4 things have changed. A politician is stoned to death in a ritualistic murder. Saga is in prison and then in hospital. The Danish police are on the case and Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt) is in charge. Unlike her original partner, Martin (Kim Bodnia), from the first two seasons, he is quiet, introspective and emotionally troubled.

The investigation is red with herrings and cluttered with subplots. You have to stay focused to keep up and even then it's confusing. Only at the end when you discover the identity of the killer can you retrace the order of dying and its motives.

This is Henrik's season. Saga joins him, but not immediately. Their relationship is fraught and occasionally sexual as five more deaths are wracked up. What is this? A serial killer with a sick sense of humour, or something to do with illegal immigrants?

Knowing this will be the final Bridge, you jump at the sound of gunfire. Saga is fearless. Will she walk blind into the next ambush?

Would it matter to you if Henrik takes the bullet instead?

What bullet, for heaven's sake? There is a case to crack and it's not easy. Let the ending take care of itself.

Season 4 proves to be difficult, absorbing, dark and of the highest quality of Scandi Crime.

To lose them now is the way it is, something to cherish, never regret.

It may seem too late to say this but Sofia Helin's performance as Saga is more subtle and finely drawn than you could possibly hope for. This is not a role for the light minded. It is deep and disturbing.

As we say goodbye, we salute her.

Reviewed on: 03 Jul 2018
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Final season of the Scandi crime drama.
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Director: Henrik Georgsson, Rumle Hammerich

Writer: Camilla Ahlgren, Torleif Hoppe, Mans Marlind, Hans Rosenfeldt, Nikolaj Scherfig, Bjorn Stein, Veronica Zacco

Starring: Sofia Helin, Thure Lindhardt, Sarah Boberg, Mikael Birkkjaer, Rafael Pettersson, Dag Maimberg, Mikael Birkkjaer, Selma Modeer Wiking, Elliot Crosset Hove, Jakob Fahistedt, Alexander Behrang Keshtker, Charlotte Fich, Patricia Schumann, Erik Lonngren, Anders Hossling, Thomas W Gabrielsson, Gabriel Flores Jair

Year: 2017

Runtime: 480 minutes

Country: Denmark


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