The 1:10 Scale Score

The 1:10 Scale Score


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Brainy blokes will understand what the title is about.

Don't tell me! Let me guess.

Er... somfink d'do wiv model makin'?

Let's take writer/director Tim Cunningham aside and whisper, confidential-like, "We've heard of bunnies, mate, but clever bunnies is few and far, right?" After he's clocked you, get up and explain what you mean.

A bunch of villains are planning a heist. One of them has built a scale model of the crime scene, with Dinkey cars and little plastic figures.

The others can't believe it. Such detail! Such work! They look at the model maker as if he's a genius, or a loony.

As they work out who does what during the robbery, the plastic figures become real and you see tiny thieves bobbing about with guns, as cars and vans whizz past, but it looks as if things aren't going too well.

The performances are spot on. The dialogue is diamond. Cunningham's a clever bunny.

That's a compliment, mate...


Reviewed on: 01 Feb 2004
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Thieves plan a robbery, using a scale model of the crime scene.

Director: Tim Cunningham

Writer: Tim Cunningham

Year: 2003

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK


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