Tectonic Plate


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Tectonic Plate
"This is not a film. It is an endurance test."

If you have a problem with flashing images don't go near this movie. All it is are flashing images and words (sentences even) against a white background.

Somewhere beyond knowledge there is a story. Was there a plane crash? Are these the final impressions of a dying man?

Even in the artsphere viewers deserve to be protected. Incomprehension is one thing, visual bombardment something else. Tectonic Plate provides both. The only way to survive brain damage is to be blindfolded. The soundtrack won't kill you.

As for the sentences, gratefully received for breaking up the consistently flashing lights, they suffer poetic pretensions of an inconsistent nature.

"I am an accident that is happening to somewhere else." Really? How does that work?

"The moment I fell asleep I fell like a bullet." OK.

"The nights struggle between the calendar and sleep," Eh?

"I see a woman advancing vertically." Nice one.

"She is a person. She feels feelings." And?

"She is a person. She has a telephone." Why doesn't she call for help?

There is no help. This is not a film. It is an endurance test. Anyone who comes through enriched, enthralled and enthusiastic needs psychiatric help.

Reviewed on: 20 Jun 2016
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An immersive camera-less film that translates transitory states and the fear of flying.

Director: Mika Taanila

Writer: Harry Salmenniemi, Mika Taanila

Year: 2016

Runtime: 74 minutes

Country: Finland


EIFF 2016

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