Special People

Special People


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

This film about disability and ignorance is handled with humour and flair by Justin Edgar.

A perfectly foul director, full of gym-teacher zeal, takes a group of kids in wheelchairs up a mountain to shoot a film. "It's about struggle," he says, sounding for all the world like the love child of Rob Brydon and Gryff Rhys Jones. "This mountain is like the struggle you face every day in life." The kids, however, don't want to play and a battle of wills ensues as they try to find a way to work together.

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Apparently, Special People was an improvised piece of work, which makes for a successful collaborative effort. Inviting us, as so many films have done before, to take a genuine look at the nature of disability and how we respond, it is intelligent and very much to the point.

Reviewed on: 11 Sep 2005
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A wheelchaired battle of wills.

Director: Justin Edgar

Writer: Justin Edgar

Starring: Dominic Coleman, Robyn Frampton

Year: 2005

Runtime: 12 minutes

Country: UK


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Special People