Snake Bite

Snake Bite


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Last time one of our reviewers watched a Matt Pinder film, Shade, they liked it but longed for him to show more ambition.

Snake Bite certainly has plenty. Sammy is back – this time played by Reiss MacDonald. Out to play with his pal David (Josh Hughs), he feels something catch his finger hen he puts his hand in the local brook.

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“Something bit me,” he tells David. “It’s a snake!” his wee pal replies and then goes on to tell him in graphic detail about how the poison will lead to his death – “all the blood falls down to your feet.”.

The lads, being at the age when imagination still has the capacity to scare, believe their tale wholeheartedly and Sammy wanders off to contemplate his fate and – more importantly – tell his mum.

Less predictable than Shade but handled with the same lightness of touch, Pinder gets great performances from MacDonald and Hughs. He also has an excellent knack of seeing the world from a child’s point of view, right down to the smallest detail.

Bigger things must surely be beckoning.

Reviewed on: 02 Nov 2006
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A boy battles a 'deadly' bite.

Director: Matt Pinder

Writer: Matt Pinder

Starring: Reiss MacDonald, Josh Hughs, Beth Marshall, Steve Tomas, Sarah O'Toole, David Carmichael

Year: 2006

Runtime: 9 minutes

Country: UK


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