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Sex Tape
"The exchanges all have the ring of truth." | Photo: Films de l'Autre Cougar

This could easily just have been another sortie into the sexual mores of today’s youth but director Antoine Desrosières manages to capture the mood of the moment, revealing how young men in particular exploit females for their own gratification, especially in the era of social networks.

The girls in the frame are no shrinking violets and eventually give as good they get. The main protagonists are Yasmina (Souad Arsane) and Rim (Inas Chanti) who double date two friends Salim (Sidi Mejai) and Majid (Medhi Damhane).

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The sisters live at home in a close-knit environment in a tower block - of the two Rim is the more experienced and has been going steady with Majid. Yasmina is more innocent and guillble and when her sibling goes away on a school trip she is easy bait for the two boys. Majid talks her in to giving his pal a blow job which he takes delight in filming.

With the threat of the video being sent to family and friends, Yasmina finds herself propelled to make a stance for her rights in the face of denigrating male behaviour.

The acting is in your face and incessant - and the slang dialogue came out of intensive improvisation sessions before filming started. The exchanges all have the ring of truth while the ethnic mix of the cast of virtual unknowns makes for a refreshing change.

Desrosières takes the volatile subject of confrontational sexuality and role models and mixes it with a lighter, comedic tone.

It is very much of its moment in tackling male and female roles and power play. Although not perfect in structure or execution it has a raw edge that propels it along, which some may find too fiercely frenetic for comfort.

Reviewed on: 11 May 2018
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Sextape packshot
Two sisters plot blackmail.

Director: Antoine Desrosieres

Writer: Antoine Desrosieres, Anne-Sophie Nanki

Starring: Souad Arsane, Inas Chanti, Loubna Abidar

Year: 2018

Runtime: 98 minutes

Country: France


Cannes 2018

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