Over the Edge

Over the Edge


Reviewed by: Paul Logan

Medical School dropout Jason (Danny Bedford) wakes up to find a corpse lying next to him. Could this be the work of serial killer, the Camden Monster who has been killing several victims within the area? He enlists the help from his work colleague Richard (Sean Hart) to unravel the mystery, but in the process they start to fall for each other.

It is difficult to know where to start with this film, as the entire production is confused and a complete mess. The decision to mix several genres together simply does not work. It is unclear whether it is supposed to be a romantic comedy, dramatic thriller or spoof. The plot is filled with holes, which raise too many questions and very few answers.

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The characters are underdeveloped and over the top, not to mention stereotypical. A policeman overindulges in doughnuts, while the gay couple at one point have handlebar moustaches. The relationship between Jason and Richard in particular is too absurd to make the audience believe in the romance.

Performances are incredibly bad and amateurish. Even veteran Carry On Screaming actress Fenella Fielding fails to impress in her melodramatic role as the eccentric neighbour.

Director Webster Forrest uses a strange mixture of colour within each scene. He continually goes between full colour, monochrome and black and white, which feels very odd. The film has been shot handheld, and is subsequently very shaky. Another strange thing is the postproduction dubbing in a scene at the start, where at times the actors are talking while their mouths are still closed.

A muddled unprofessional, and humourless attempt, which even Ed Wood would have been ashamed to put his name too.

Reviewed on: 12 Sep 2011
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Med-school dropout Jason begins to have blackouts, which coincide with the discovery of murdered men and women all over town.
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Director: Webster Forrest

Writer: Webster Forrest

Starring: Danny Bedford, Sean Hart, Fenella Fielding, Phillip Davey

Year: 2011

Runtime: 74 minutes


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