Origin Of The World

Origin Of The World


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

God is a big, fat, papier mache chicken person and this appears to be The Creation, as seen through the bent lens of an animator intent on recreating a childish vision of Genesis. After creating a Garden in the desert, He has a go at Man, shaping a comatose figure out of sand.

Adam is born, or rather a real live actor-substitute in swimming trunks, with a neat haircut, wanders into the Garden and pulls the fruit off the trees. God thinks - you don't see this because it's difficult to imagine that a paper mache chicken could possibly have a brain - that the Man thing needs a mate to take his mind off needless vandalism.

While walking in the desert, Adam comes across a pond, made of shiny blue shower curtain material, from which a whopping great fish emerges. He plays with the fish until a gash opens up on its back and inside, fast asleep, is a real live substitute-actress, with knickers and no bra - tra la! Eve!!

There is no Cain, Abel or serpent. Big fat chicken God turns into Noah and animals are being stuffed into a small boat before shower curtains cover the earth.

Adam and Eve end up inside a pig, where they stay for eight months. Finally, when they are vomited out, Eve is heavily pregnant. Adam looks pleased with himself, which is a bit stupid, since she couldn't be expected to have a headache for 224 nights in the belly of the porker.

The papier mache models would be rejected at a Blue Peter open day and the stop/start animation is crude. The story has a pick'n'mix Biblical reference, with added magic realism, but there is something refreshing about the unpretentious silliness of it all.

Pixar won't be losing sleep.

Reviewed on: 09 Mar 2004
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The story of Genesis (some of it) as told with paper mache, shower curtains and half naked actors.

Director: Katarina Kerekesova

Year: 2002

Runtime: 21 minutes

Country: Slovakia


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