One Giant Leap: My Culture


Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

Essentially a rap video, with a bunch of snazzy visuals that have an escape-to-the-stars sub theme and strong vibes about roots and "a long line of people that goes back to the beginning of time", Tim Hope's four minute partially animated film is a beautiful piece of work.

The fact that Robbie Williams pops up in the middle is an added, not to say surprising, bonus, but this does everything you want from a music-led short. The song carries, the lyrics are clear, the artwork is never obstrusive and consistently inventive.

Whatever you think will not do justice to the subtleties of what is happening on the screen. There is an imaginative mix of sounds, real people and computer art that glides effortless over your consciousness.

Some people might find the multitude of images difficult to grasp - you have to watch it twice to capture the full flavour. Others will reboot and connect instantly "for my culture".

Reviewed on: 12 Feb 2004
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A rap video with snazzy visuals, an escape-to-the-stars sub theme and strong vibes about roots.

Director: Tim Hope

Year: 2003

Runtime: 4 minutes

Country: UK


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