Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

The tension in this brief exploration of a young woman's relationship with her grandmother is palpable. Things are obviously tense between Jennifer (Kathleen McDermott - who is hopefully on her way to getting lots of work thanks to her role in last year's Morvern Callar) and her Nan (Brenda Fricker - most recently seen in Trauma).

Something unvoiced here has passed between them and as she bathes her grandma they begin to break the ice again. Excellent performances and an intriguing script make this well worth a watch.

Reviewed on: 01 Nov 2004
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A woman bathes her grandma.

Director: Peter Mackie Burns

Writer: Peter Mackie Burns

Starring: Brenda Fricker, Kathleen McDermott

Year: 2004

Runtime: 10 minutes

Country: UK


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