Marlene Dietrich: The Movie Collection


Reviewed by: Amber Wilkinson

Marlene Dietrich
"An eclectic - and essential - collection."

With the release of this must-have collection of Marlene Dietrich films - which contains 18 of her movies in one box set - we've taken the opportunity to revisit some of them. From the Billy Wilder-helmed classic A Foreign Affair to lesser known gems including Golden Earrings, this is an eclectic - and essential - collection for fans and newcomers alike.

Featured are:

Copy picture

- reviewed by Angus Wolfe Murray
A German chorus girl marries an Englishman and becomes a star in the New York night clubs, before being seduced by a playboy and running away.

Destry Rides Again - reviewed by Angus Wolfe Murray
A pacifist lawman in the Wild West meets feisty chanteuse in The Last Chance Saloon.

- reviewed by Natasha Footman
Star-studded extravaganza about a young hopeful seeking fame in Hollywood.

- reviewed by Andrea Mullaney
Black romantic comedy with political overtones still relevant today.

- reviewed by Andrea Mullaney
Stiff upper-lipped British officer falls for a gypsy while on a mission in Nazi Germany.

- reviewed by Marnie
A womanising soldier in the Foreign Legion falls for a sultry nightclub singer.

- reviewed by Caro Ness
A high-class "countess" helps two coal miners make a mint... but what is the price of success?

- reviewed by Themroc
A cabaret singer is deported from various South Sea Islands for causing fights among the naval officers.

- reviewed by Themroc
An innocent moves to the city after her father’s death and finds her ideas about love and romance thwarted by cynicism.

The box set also includes premiere releases of: Desire, Angel, The Devil is a Woman, Dishonoured, Flame of New Orleans, Scarlet Empress and Shanghai Express, plus Touch Of Evil and The Spoilers.

Reviewed on: 29 Nov 2006
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Universal 18-disc box set of films by the German star.
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Year: 2006

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