Joey - Series 1

Joey - Series 1


Reviewed by: The Dude

Now admit it. You thought that Friends was a great show, you were sad when it ended, but even sadder when you heard one of them was going to try to run solo with one of the characters and keep the dream alive. Joey was a great invention, but could he really make it on his own? Without Chandler? No Ross, Monica, Phoebe and Rachel?

When Joey debuted on television I didn't even bother watching. There was hardly a blip on the excitement scale. I don't think I watched more than one episode on Channel Five, and let me tell you this now: I was greatly mistaken.

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When I sat down to review this show, one episode quickly turned into four and I had to pull myself away to watch the film I'd rented that night. Joey has upped and moved from New York and the comfort of his friends to LA, to make a go of his acting career.

Joining the scene are his flamboyant, hair-dressing sister, Gina (De Matteo, Adriana in The Sopranos) and his rocket scientist nephew, Michael (Paulo Constanzo, of Road Trip fame). What you get is an entertaining mix of character actors, playing the characters they are most successful for playing, and it works!

The one mistake I initially made was expecting the Friends formula I had grown to know and love without looking at how Joey might behave around other people, and this is something that must be kept in mind when giving Joey a chance.

There is still a reasonable amount of sarcastic wit, stereotypical female hang ups and ridiculously embarrassing situations to satisfy. LeBlanc is as Joey always has been, don't expect much change there (though he is a surprisingly moral agent from time to time).

De Matteo is very similar to her Sopranos character in dress and accent, however, we finally get to see how Adriana might have been if single and surrounded by a less intimidating family atmosphere. Costanzo also plays the character type he is most famous for: the lovable dork. Again, the viewer gets to see what his Road Trip character would be like minus the marijuana and with a bit more of a pole up his ass. As the most academically accomplished character, his ignorance of the opposite sex and the facts of life bring an appealing element to the plotlines.

This show is a pleasant surprise and definitely worth giving a chance. It may not be just like your old Friends, but isn't change supposed to be good?

Reviewed on: 25 Jul 2005
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First season of the Friends spin-off, starring Matt Le Blanc
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Director: Kevin bright

Writer: Shana Goldberg-Meehan, Scott Silveri, Doty Abrams, Brian Buckner, Robert Carlock, Craig DiGregorio, Matt Hubbard, Brian Kelley, Vanessa McCarthy, Ellen Plummer, Jon Pollack, John Quaintance

Starring: Matt Le Blanc, Andreas Anders, Paulo Costanzo, Jennifer Coolidge, Drea De Matteo, Ben Falcone, Madchen Amick, Alex Ball, Matt Letscher

Year: 2004

Runtime: 720 minutes

BBFC: 12 - Age Restricted

Country: US


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