As weird as Jason in space may seem, his fans finally got what they asked for - something new - when, after four false starts, this movie was finally made. Four hundred and fifty five years in the future, earth is dead and the recently defrosted J-Man finds himself aboard the Grendel, a field-trip vessel carrying students from Earth 2. So, basically, Jason + teenagers = mass death. Something old and something new. Something borrowed, or nicked, are the best bits from the Alien movies. You know what's in store, long scenes of creeping around dark corridors before being carved up.

What I don't get is the fact that the filmmakers knew that we didn't want Camp Crystal Lake AGAIN and so decided to take us as far away as possible from the previous nine movies. Why must they give us the ancient and decrepit stalk'n'slash scenario yet again? Fresh zazz, or zing, or fizz, or even pop could have been added. But no! It threatens to get very dull and the only thing that saves it are the gorgeous SFX, stronger production values and more determined than usual characters (slabs of meat).

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James Isaac has had plenty experience in the horror genre and, along with his cinematographer, has given this movie a far more sophisticated look than most other horror flicks. Lighting is provocative and the colour palette is well thought out and bright. It's a shame that nothing of real genius, or imagination, occurs within this unique environment.

Plus, I'm getting real sick of Kane Hodder, as Jason. At first, I liked him - F13, Part VII, was his premier outing - but now he's changed the character too much. Instead of an evil, worm-infested zombie, with incredible strength, he's a massive brick shithouse, who moves slower than your average glacier. How can these kids not escape him?

The acting, by a bunch of Canadian TV folk, is tolerable. None has enough skill to bring any real humour, or depth, to roles. Who cares when they die? The only interesting character is a female robot, or Fembot, as the Austin Powers movies put it, with no feelings - how ironic!

There's no good excuse for Jason X being so average. Even the presence of Uber-Jason - Robocop, only not friendly - is too little too late, although he, along with Janessa's cleavage, doesn't get enough screen time.

If you're having a beer blast, or a steinhoist, then Jason X is worth the rental. If you're after classical entertainment then...probably not.

Reviewed on: 18 Jul 2002
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Friday 13th serial killer does it on a spaceship after being frozen solid for 400 years.
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Angus Wolfe Murray *1/2

Director: James Isaac

Writer: Todd Farmer, Victor Miller

Starring: Kane Hodder, Lexa Doig, Chuck Campbell, Lisa Ryder, Peter Mensah, Melyssa Ade, Derwin Jordan, Jonathan Potts, Dov Tiefenbach, David Cronenberg, Boyd Banks

Year: 2001

Runtime: 93 minutes

BBFC: 15 - Age Restricted

Country: US


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