Jakers! Treasure Hunt On Raloo 

Jakers! Treasure Hunt On Raloo Farm


Reviewed by: JessPeeps (aged four)

Pigs go wild!

There's a duck called Doonan in this one. She's the friend of Jakers the pig who wears big jumpers and has a curly tail stuck out of his trousers and lives on a farm. I think they speak in a funny way. Daddy says Jakers is from Ireland and is a computerised cartoon. The pictures look very good. Jakers' family is called "Piggely Winks" at the start which I didn't think was very funny. They live in Old Ireland a long time ago when Jakers was young (he's old now) on this farm. They're almost like people, not animals. Daddy says it's quite good because a man called Mel Brooks is the sheep and says funny things about Buicks.

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I like the first story - it's about treasure on the farm. The pig is trying to find it on a map instead of doing his chores but he and his friend only find biscuits. Another time, they find a dragon's egg, but it's not really! They ask the chickens where the egg is from but they don't know. One of the chickens got a shock when they put the egg under her bottom to make it hatch! And then they thought the baby dragon had eaten Doonan the duck but it hadn't! In the end, they find that the egg belongs to a swan when it hatches. The pig and his friends are quite naughty sometimes and get told off by their Mummies, lots! But their Mummies and Daddies are nice to them really.

I think the stories are really good and interesting and all the animals are really good friends. I watched all the episodes together. And then I watched them again because they are different to the telly. I would like to see more.

Reviewed on: 03 May 2006
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Jakers! Treasure Hunt On Raloo 
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Cartoon fun on the farm.
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Director: John Over

Writer: Kelly Ward, Larry Swerdlove, Jennifer Yale

Starring: voices of Peadar Lamb, Maile Flanagan, Russi Taylor, Mel Brooks, Tara Strong, Charles Adler, Nikka Futterman, Melissa Disney, Pamela Adlon, Susan Silo

Year: 2003

Runtime: 120 minutes

BBFC: U - Universal

Country: US


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