Reviewed by: Angus Wolfe Murray

This has the advantage of simplicity – one man, one location, one heartbeat. It lasts 15 minutes. Time enough to get the adrenaline running.

On an uninhabited island, there are visitors. The warden (Bjarne Henriksen), or official looking bloke in yellow windcheater, drives his inflatable dinghy up the beach and goes in search of the intruders.

He wanders about, investigating empty buildings, shouting, “Hel-lo!! This is private property! Can you leave now?” No one obliges.

He discovers the still flaming embers of a bonfire and the possible evidence of human sacrifice. Meanwhile, it’s getting dark and his torch is on the blink. He grabs a branch from the fire and uses it to light his way as he staggers through the undergrowth. In real life, a blazing branch lasts a couple of minutes before going out. In movies, they have paraffin.

You are supposed to be scared when the bushes rustle, as the warden attempts to make his escape. Writer/director Matt Palmer uses tried-and-true horror flick techniques, none of which are original. Fear is a delicate flower. It requires careful nurturing, not copycat shock tactics in a stereotype situ.

Reviewed on: 26 Jun 2008
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Dangerous intruders on an uninhabited island.

Director: Matt Palmer

Writer: Matt Palmer, Simon Grohe

Starring: Bjarne Henriksen

Year: 2007

Runtime: 15 minutes

Country: UK


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